What can I do to motivate myself?

Have you ever experienced that: you’re at work, looking on the clock, and discovering that hours have flown by, while you have no idea where those hours are going because you were so involved?

This is called intrinsic motivation: doing something because you like it in itself .Imagine that you say every day: I’m not going to work, I’m going to play.

When you look at new challenges in that light, you’ll see problems as a way to get better.The satisfaction of success or self-development is an internal motivator, and in itself a reward.

There is another form of motivation. You do business because of external factors such as being paid for/rewarded somewhere, or being punished when you don’t.Also social pressure or authority are covered below. That is extrinsic motivation.

But How does a reward for motivation take care? Money is actually not so™ n good motivator, say studies.As soon as money is involved, we see the task as work, and therefore less pleasant.

Social psychologist Alfie Kohn illustrated this thesis with the following anecdote.An old man was bullied every day by boys from the neighborhood. One day, the man had enough of it and invented a ruse. He promised them a euro if they would bully him again the next day. The children came, schooed him, cashed their euro and departed again. The day thereafter, the man reduced the amount to fifty cents. And again the children were schooed out. When the man presented them with 25 cents for the third day, they reacted indignant. For so little money they didn’t start. From that moment on, the old man was no longer bullied.
Also the threat of punishment does not work sustainably as a motivator, nor fear either.

How do you touch (and stay) motivated?

1.Make sure you have a goal in mind. Whether you want to fit back into your clothes five years ago, or you want to be able to run along with your children through the park, keep a goal in mind to achieve positive results.

2.Follow your progress on each Saturday morning on the scales to see the Lost (kilo) grams, or determine that you can first walk for 5 minutes and now for ten minutes after each other, giving you the courage to get through the inevitable period of discouragement.


Give yourself a break. When you have worked very hard, you will need time to replenish your energy reserves.

4.Focus on who you will be by reaching your goal. By making conscious choices now, in the field of nutrition, movement or study, for example, you become a better person.

5.Reward yourself. Make the path to success yourself a success by making rewards a part of the process: for example, treat yourself to a gem/timepiece when you’ve slimmed down 10 pounds or you’ve passed your exam.

Are you more intrinsically motivated, or more extrinsic driven? Importantly, you know what works for you.With this knowledge you can strengthen your motivation even further. Boost your dominant motivator. But also look at how you can stir up your less dominant motivator. Because the more motivation you can cultivate, the more success you will experience. And that is ultimately the intention. Increase your motivation and increase your results.

10 ways to motivate yourself again

Have a vision in life, a purpose, a loving

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