What can I do to make me feel satisfied with my life? I have a car and a few thousand euros spared, but I still feel not satisfied.

I have a car.A pleasant station with a bucket space and quite a bit of luxury. If that turns into the soup, I can now afford another of, say, four years old, without having to borrow it, and that while we have just spent a five digit sum for the comma to grow our bathroom, and then this year we can again have a AA Additional amount on the hypo-tea. On average, we save four decimal digits each month. There the cars and the bathrooms and the like are paid for, and what remains then goes “in the Stones”.

If my wife and I at the same time turn our cars into the soup, it becomes a bit trickier, then we need to “tighten the trousers belt” (less saving).

But, you guessed it: we are pretty hot.We have an amount of five digits for the comma on the bank where we can directly join, and another bin with money that we have put aside for later.

Am I satisfied?Yes.

How is that?

Eighteen years back, after inflation correction, I deserved more than now. I drove in a thick English car with leather, wore a three-part suit, and had “technical director” on my business card.Was I satisfied? Nouw Neuh. It was a hardstikke nice company, my colleagues were retecool, but I was their boss, and they did what I would much rather do myself.

When I did the step back, I noticed very quickly that I was a lot happier (which I also expected).I’m just not put in the cradle to hang out the director. I was very appreciative of it, but I did not have a butt to say it on his French.

Since 2003 I feel a lot more satisfied.

For most people, material things like money and stuff don’t make happy.For example, someone who is rich can still feel depressed, because he lacks something that is actually much more important to him, such as pleasant contact with other people, health, fun hobbies.

In everyday life, try to discover what gives you a lasting good feeling.Or maybe you suffer from certain negative thoughts that keep circling around in your head which makes you feel unhappy?

You can write down everything to keep track of what is causing your dissatisfaction.When do you notice that you feel really happy, and when do you notice that it is reframed? What causes that to happen? Often, but not always, there is a lack of self-esteem. As a result, you may not allow other people, you generally feel bad (about yourself and the world) and can not enjoy them anywhere.

Satisfaction only experience you when you can accept yourself and are okay with basic needs, such as a roof over your head, food and drink, love, a good night’s sleep, relaxation, conviviality, health.If you may miss a very important basic need, like love or connection (I don’t mean a partner, but that can also be friendship, family or acquaintances)? Sometimes it’s hard to figure out, because certain thought patterns are stuck down and you actually don’t even know what makes you happy. In the event that nothing seems to be better, I advise you to seek help from a psychologist.

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