What can I do to broaden my consciousness?

The coffee shop seems to provide resources for this, for a small fee.

But I have not yet come across people who complained about a too small measure of consciousness.It makes me curious as to what exactly you would like to achieve.

— If we see an object for us, without it having a name, then I can bring it together with the external characteristics – which can be simple, twofold, triple (…) – To one whole, so as to give it a name: the outward characteristics mo Food one by one is true, otherwise one cannot derive from the single the whole.

— These simple assemblies are silent without each other.Only when they are brought together, there is an interplay, a movement that is unique to the combination of the simple gehelen: This is a nature. If a man observes this nature, through the senses, he or she can imitate this inner in a way that is explainable for the being; Nil est intellectual, quod non prius Fuerit (‘ There is nothing in the mind that was not first in the senses ‘).

— Because in all known beings, memory, which is the strongest of man, it causes this by means of the affections, a volatility in several natures that would prevail if ‘ reason ‘ would not prevent it.In This interplay, man causes an objective that can be higher than himself or herself: this may require a statement of the natures, and/or the help of other people.

In any case, it is important to have knowledge of the outside landscape and thus also inner nature.If this is ever closer to perfection, by means of a notion about nature that makes a movement in a opéénvolging of moments, then the natural state of people (pain and Indolentie) is avoided in the statement of the Interplay of the otherwise independent gehelen; (because if these were independent, there would be no explanation): So, only because everything depends, – there is pain! – And only because there is pain, there is consciousness. Because consciousness is in a continual pain, (not because it is of itself reasonable!) Looking for an ever-increasing illumination of it; The memory, which by means of the feelings (or intuition) constitutes an inducing element, will endeavour to acquire more and more resources, and thus, an ever-increasing exchange pool of ideas that can be at the service of a higher goal, – or again, the Alleviation of an ongoing suffering – and thus a form of interplay that is susceptible to the understanding of a human being. This interplay, which consists of natures that depend on each other, can be divided into separate forms that each can take in the imagination of man. This form is recognized by a name: – ‘ the word. ‘

Consciousness is a complex idea, but in any case you need others to be more aware of yourself.If you are the only one who can give feedback to yourself (self-reflection) you are guaranteed to miss things.

So it is wise to ask others about yourself.For example, if you have a delusion of yourself, that you are 2 meters long, and another told that you are actually only 1.70 meters long, it can open your eyes, and I mean this of course as a metaphor.

In addition, it is important to accept the feedback, the important of criticism is that you assume that the other has the best for you.You eventually want to leave as the ‘ bad ‘ and go on with all the ‘ good ‘. A danger may be that you sometimes don’t want to hear or see this kind of thing, so you adopt a closed posture. Sometimes you think you know yourself well, but I would not be so sure, because you will find out that you are learning things about yourself that you would never see.

So if you want to broaden your consciousness it is good to find people you trust, take you seriously and open up to you.And last, take the feedback and think about it. Engage the new facts in your own reality.

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