What can I do to become successful? What actions lead me to success?

To become successful, your mindset is important first of all.Because that mindset will result in the right actions that lead you to success.

Your mindset, your beliefs are decisive for what you do, what you feel and who you are. If you believe that life is full of misery , then you will find the evidence thereof.If you are convinced that life is wonderful , then you will find the confirmation of it everywhere.

The good news is that we can change our beliefs.

How do you do that? A professional Lifecoach can accompany you.Here is a possible method to do it yourself:
1.Choose A conviction that you would like to have about yourself (or about others, or about the world around you).
2.Find Proofs that show you that that conviction can be correct.
3.Think actively about those proofs and continue to find more confirmation.
4.After several days or weeks of finding evidence, you say to yourself 鈧?虄I believe that 鈧?娄.
5.Take action to show that that belief is true. And keep doing that in the coming weeks and months.
6.Your new conviction is now installed.

What are beliefs that can bring you further in your life? For that I have studied the lives and the thoughts worlds of very successful people.

Here you’ll find 5 beliefs that successful people believe in.

Are they always 100% true?


But what conviction is that?

The point is that you can chooseyour beliefs.And so you have the choice between beliefs that hinderyou, and others that stimulate and give you strength.

1.I am fully responsible for what is happening in my life.
With this conviction, there will still be less fun things in your life, things that are not your fault.But how you handle it, is completely in your hands. Do not give away your power and power by accusing others, but accept what has happened and consciously take control of how you react to it.
Try this conviction for a few weeks to see how it feels.


An obstacle is something I can handle.
An obstacle is something that is on your way to temporarily stop you.The code word is temporaryhere.Many people see the obstacle and give up. Those who succeed work on the obstacle until it no longer interferes.

3.The people in my life reflect my own value.
Your environment reflects your thoughts about what you are worthy of.When you have friends who treat others, including yourself, respectlessly, you probably think that’s what you deserve. Conversely, with a healthy self-esteem, you also attract people who find you worthwhile. People in your life come and go. And the people who remain are those who reflect what your values, principles, and beliefs are. You are aware of this, can change an awful lot.

4.Perfection is impossible.
Something can always be improved.So perfection is impossible. When you assume the conviction that it is impossible to be perfect, you can achieve much more in life. And also much quicker in addition.

5.The more positive action I take, the more positively my life will be.
You have so many opportunities in life.To grab them, you just need to take action. Don’t let your thoughts and beliefs stop you. Change those beliefs and start taking daily actions. Your life will change tremendously.

You’re well started.To anyone who is successful ask, so there are a few of them here on Quora.There are many more success-lovers around you, look good. Ask and listen. Success can be in many areas.

But not just listento the answers .Also lookgood.What does someone who is successful in somewhere?How does he do that? What do I feel? How about that? Take a look ‘ through your eyesight ‘. Then you often see much more than what he/she only says as an answer.

Good luck!!

The seed that still wants to find the egg.

It is deeply in our self to become successful.

Successful and happy are not the same.

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