What can I do if I have too much time? The best known answer would be Netflix but what can I do today? For which I will be grateful later?

Something for which you will be grateful later?

What do you expect from life?Do something that can make that expectation a reality.

You never have too much time.When you get older, you are getting more and more the kind of moments of ‘ If I did x, then… ‘. Not as a ‘ regret ‘, but just realizing, how you could have used time better.

Don’t have a relationship, and do you see it in your future?Work on your social contacts or social skills!

Do you like to see a better world?Do volunteer work that you think it makes sense!

Would you like to play an instrument or have another artistic skill?Learn it!

For example, I am more or less sorry that I am not going to play guitar at a younger age.I went to play, when my hands slowly began to lose flexibility. And therefore I play nice, but I will never be ‘ good ‘.

I can’t say for you, what you could do better or not, but in any case, Netflix watching will have little impact on your future, unless your goal is to win every quiz about TV series in the future.

Netflixen is of course a nice way to relax and think of nothing, but if I read your question you are actually looking for a way to do something useful.You are looking for things that can make you better yourself. This is super positive.

If we take a look at what is possible to develop yourself, you have a huge stock of choices.You can do anything to develop yourself, so you are sure to be thankful that you had done that at that time.

But we have to tackle the problems from the root.Everything starts with yourself and a good question to ask yourself is, why do you actually want to do something useful? What are the main reasons? Do you have goals and ambitions? Ask yourself and you will come to answers.

The most important among these questions is to find out what your goals and ambitions are.If you know your goals and ambitions, you can fill your time with useful things that will make you a step closer to your goal.

It’s a matter of knowing what you want and based on it, you can create a roadmap so that instead of Netflix, you’re going to pick up a book and learn.

I have a blog about personal development.Take a look and subscribe! The Daily Raita.

Learn something new, for example, a language.

Go learn something.For example, you could learn to edit wood. You can then try to sell what you make.

Two handy skills in 1 blow!

Try to lubricate some paint on a canvas.

Don’t know the phenomenon, but you just have time, never too much or too little.How you fill that time is up to yourself, if you are not sick, then it temporarily stops. Choices enough in this time, from Netflix to drinking beer to reading book to char picking up to….. Good luck

You don’t have a lawn?

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