What brought you to Tijuana?

I assume this question is meant for me.Unless there are other Quora users in Tijuana, but I have not encountered them at the moment.

That is not so strange in itself.Tijuana has not really developed a very good reputation over the years. You can get to know Tijuana from one of the most crowded border crossings in the world called San Ysidro. People are queuing for hours (often about 4 to 5 hours) to be able to cross the border with the United States. Some people do this daily because they live in Mexico for the low cost, but in the US work for higher wages. This is often legal. Remember that California was formerly Mexican territory. People often have family on both the Mexican and the American side of the border and often have 2 passports as well.

It is also arranged for people to cross the border illegally.

Also then Tijuana comes into the (world) news. Think of the large groups of migrants who travel to Tijuana from the south of Mexico and countries such as Guatemala and El Salvador to try to enter the US in whatever way. That looks something like this.

You can also know Tijuana from the song “Welcome to Tijuana” by Manu Chao.
This once again emphasizes the reputation of Tijuana.

I have been fortunate enough to have visited many countries and even live in some countries for my work.

When I was working in London I encountered a Superlatina from Tijuana. After I moved to Miami, that contact was only better. From San Diego to Miami is ‘ only ‘ 7 hours flying, so I slowly but surely got closer. I and my superlatina searched each other more often and I decided to throw the helm. I lived in the States for my employer for 3 years, and a green card was coming, but I cancelled everything and left for M茅xico.

When I arrived in M茅xico I entered on tourist status.This was trickier than I thought, because without papers you can apparently find difficult work even in M茅xico. I am therefore going to engage in some activities on social media and communication and work from home. Finally, I can tell you that my superlatina and I are now married in M茅xico and that life is really not bad here. The sun often shines and the food is of an extraterrestrial level. Tijuana has no doubt the best tacos of M茅xico. And the ceviche!!!! In recent years I have been allowed to visit Baja California, Baja California Sur, Oaxaca, Puebla, D.F, Yucatan, Quintanoo Roo and Nuevo Leon. M茅xico is really beautiful!

Isla Holbox I found one of the prettier spots here in M茅xico, but Guanajuato is also fantastic!

End of this (Mexican) fairytale.

Thanks for the A2A, Jo Peters.

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