What bothers you most to the current young generation?

What irritates me since puberty to the people who are younger than me is something most fortunately do not do: Krijsen.That high scream by enthusiasm, play, astonishment, arrange (the same scream as in the rollercoaster, but then in the classroom, on the schoolyard, in the playground). Especially basischoolkids and girls do it. Terrible. As if someone decides to go over a plate with his nails every time it gets surprised or happy (no problem if you do this out of fear or anxiety, but for the rest it’s really annoying). Speaking to them makes no sense, they think seriously that everyone is doing it and that this has always been done and that it should be able to. “Don’t you like playing sounds, then?” Yes, but you are screeking as if you were kidnapped, that does not sound very ‘ playful ‘ or satisfied, that gives me a heart prolapse.

I don’t know anyone who did that in the years 90 if they weren’t in an attraction or were thrown into the water (iig that kind of activity).

Random Screech while playing was not something we did, and no also not in hide and seek if you were found.

For the rest, I can complain about Cardi B, and other current ‘ artists ‘, but luckily there is no bother, you can avoid them.No, for the rest there is not much to complain about the whole younger generation. Lazy, uninterested teenager are of all time, like difficult children.

‘ The youth of today loves luxury, has bad manners, has contempt for all authority and has no respect for old age.Young people talk if they should work. They constantly talk to their parents, chat in company, smite them when they eat, beat their legs and tyrannize their parents. ‘

This quote is from Socrates, a sloppy 2500 years ago.The youth has been on the road since time immemorial. For Yes, in the past (you know, the ‘ earlier ‘ that only exists in the imagination), children were still taught mores. Now three out of four mature Dutch people find the ‘ youth of today ‘ brutal, antisocial and disobedient.

In short, the youth has been behaving for 25 centuries as the youth behaves.

First of all, I was not aware that by evidently an unknown cause all generations have been eradicated except the 鈧?虄huidige generation.

Or, do you sometimes mean the generation that now 鈧?虄the Future has ?

It has literally been the fashion for old, acidified people for millennia to give off on 鈧?虄the current Generation .

I myself have less trouble with it.If I compare the youngsters of today with the youngsters in my teenage years, then I can only say that they are better informed than I was at the same age.

Thanks to the Internet they have the opportunity not only to read about other cultures, but to actually talk to those people.

And just as in my childhood, there are young people who ignore all this information they get and persevere in their own stupid prejudices.And there are young people who, based on the information they were given, open up their minds.

But 鈧?虄open minded youngsters are nowadays so more 鈧?虄open minded than I was at that age.

And those 鈧?虄closed minded sukkels 鈧?娄 Those questions about 30 years, what is wrong with the youth of today.

That many young people are “the same”.I have always been “eccentric”, and I am surprised that it is now barely present. Belonging is now more important than before, many people think. But why do you want to hear about it? Why do you want to belong to the group if you were born to be different?

What annoys me most is that they are young and have no back pain and I do.That they get 100 euro pocket money and I then 10 guilders. That they have a smartphone at the age of 8 and I don’t even own a TV before I was in the twenties. That coming out of the closet is pretty normal if you are 12, and I only dared it with 26 for fear of repercussions. That nowadays it is acknowledged that you have (a) DHD or autism and that at that time I was just a slow pigeon who needed more punishment if I did not have to pay attention to whether his homework was not finished.

And they find it quite common.

In short, I’m a little jealous.

鈧?虄Storen is a big word, but certain things do fall on me, just to name it.Take the answers to this question, for example. I read that some find that 鈧?虄elders are not allowed to interfere with us in terms of how we behave and that everyone but 鈧?虄nagt . Seems to me nothing wrong with staying critical. Decency is of all time. If I am 鈧?虄zeur or my concerns about youth, I do so out of respect for youth and for the future (so also the future that my children and grandchildren should grow up in). I think it is so typical of this time that each one must interfere with his own affairs.

To mention examples of things that make me stand out and, in my opinion, can be better with regard to my generation.Again this is my opinion and this is based on the daily practice what I see around me happening at school, work and in my private sphere.

In my area (I grew up in Amsterdam) I see people of my age who have less and more respect for the elderly 鈧?虄the Old as I often hear.Examples: Do not get up in the OV for elderly/disabled and no more with 鈧?虄U speak. Not even elderly people, but they also distinction unknowns and teachers. I personally do not, unless the person indicates to be allowed to tutoyeren.

In addition, my generation is in my opinion a lot concerned with social media. 鈧?虄Social Influencer has seriously become a paid job now. Everything has to be on social media and everything is influenced by social media. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m for technology and many developments are positive as for in care and education etc. But I’m really talking about social media; Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. What bothers me to this is that social media often does not give a real picture of reality. All the girls want to appear on a 鈧?虄Kim Kardashian . Big buttocks is also a must now, as you do understand. I myself am also the type of myself to compare with other people, and that is often unsurmountable through social media. Call me weak, but I’ve had my moments really gloomy to have been touched by social media. I’m not the only one. Social media use can lead to depressions and pressure to perform. Or to look as beautiful as..

Also look for how many people are addicted to social media.For the people who have an Iphone this may be a shame, because the new software shows how many hours you spend per week on your phone usage. Da s sometimes scare.

On the one hand, I have to do with us, because we are no longer going to get there.On the other hand, I think we should take the raise in our own hands as 鈧?虄jonnoises鈩?and dwell better in terms of phone use.

To give another example; In a restaurant/cafe There are sometimes friends/couples facing each other on their phone.Throughout the dinner. Cozy huh. Do social. Otherwise, we will learn it again. Or are we going to communicate in Emoji s.

Note, I’m charting.

Not all young people are so. Yet I see it very much.

What also disturber me 鈧?虄鈩?is the lack of interest in our democracy.During the European elections (but not only the European) recently I talked to friends and Collega s who had not voted. Those votes never actually on anything. Why? 鈧?虄No Interest , 鈧?虄i have not deet or 鈧?虄i had to werken . Just fine, it is right you have a democratic right not to vote but personally it hurts me. I do not need to explain to anyone how a democracy works and how grateful we should be, hopefully. Well my friends so do. Now you may think that only low educated people will not vote. No though, HBO and WO ers I’m talking about. Good-thinking people. I try to be the “Zeurpiet 鈧?鈩?and explain to my friends what is the valuable thing about voting rights.

There are, however, more examples of disappointments in my generation.But I will not mention them. Of course I love my generation. The generation in which we always have to be available for things and more. By the smartphones we can almost no longer isolate us. Always reachable. Oh and Tinder, the Datingapp. For instance, men and women no longer have to bother in public to conquer each other 鈧?虄鈩? but can just swipe it. The romance is often far from searching. Or do I now speak from my own experience? Whoops.

Finally, I regret that the 鈧?虄musicans A. K. a 鈧?虄rappers who now come into the charts, only make dirty songs.Songs in which it really only goes about sex. I’m not squeamish, but rather just in the private sphere do dirty;). Also, I often do not understand 80% of the text, because of street language. It’s not just the text that doesn’t stand me. Instrumental I find it also very unprofessional and the video clips do not make it any better. Often a deduction set (!) of American rappers. It’s just in my opinion often poorly made. Nowadays everyone can also sing/rap with 鈧?虄autotune . Thanks to our generation, Madonna has also been able to create clever use…

Maybe I’m just an old soul, or indeed a whiner.Who knows.

Actually, I hardly bother with them, my own children are both around 18. The only thing is the inenglishage in their language, they say motherfucker instead of bastard, and things are fucking annoying etc.By always getting caught up, bit of cabaretesquely to react, it manages to teach them a bit, but of course they are completely encapsulated by the American pop and amusement culture. This is not even a fault for them, so they do not have a blame.

Our parents are counting it, as far as they are alive, for they are the ones who, after the war, have embraced the American mass culture uncritically after the liberation.And let me not judge too hard here: the consequences of being happy with everything that the liberators brought were of course not overseen.

And their enthusiasm for the luxury consumer goods such as white bread after the hardships of the war was obviously understandable.

Remains that I note that a process like Americanization does not stop at a certain point.And that in 2019 this has assumed more serious forms than in 1969.

Since I am a young person myself, I think I am in a slightly better position to answer this question.After all, it is of all times that the older generation criticizes the younger. Therefore, I will not speak of clich茅s like: ‘ They had much better than we did then. ‘ Or: ‘ The young people of today are so naughty. ‘

The only behaviour of my peers, which I am really concerned about and what I am really worried about, relates to social media.As a reader, you may not be unfamiliar with the habit of expressing their emotions in so-called Meme’s. What this is exactly is complicated to explain. They are generally funny intended photos/pictures with caption. (For the older generation) Meme’s are best compared to cartoon; The difference, however, is that there is not necessarily anyone or something to be mocked. I recommend you to self-find meme’s to search the Internet to get an idea of what it is.

Well, meme’s can be really funny, although they are not much more funny than they do.However, the bad humor of meme’s is not what I am worried about. Tastes differ and also the current youth is entitled to her generally bad sense of humor. My problem, however, is how these jokes or meme’s are usually articulated. Indeed, it is used among the creators of this meme, probably from the point of view to generate a sense of familiarity and recognizability to the public, to formulate the memes on the basis of a sad situation of the subject. This formulation should create a feeling of self-pity. It is exactly this self-pity that I am interfering with. The problem is that memes are so permeated in the daily lives of young people that young people are constantly exposed to these memes that stimulate self-pity attitudes.

If an attitude is detrimental to your own happiness, it is self-pity.An attitude of self-pity means that one focuses only on all the negative aspects of their own life. The focus on the negative aspects of life has the effect of cherishes and celebrates their own achievements and privileges. A self-pity attitude gives an easy excuse to give up when it becomes difficult. An attitude of self-pity gives an easy excuse to behave annoying towards others, because ‘ oh I’ve been so much heavier than you. ‘ An attitude of self-pity gives an easy excuse not to confront the mistakes made and leads to not trying to improve their own character.

Dear fellow youngster, please stop with the negative formulation of so many Meem’s and use Meme’s instead a lot more often to celebrate your own life.

The only thing I don’t snal is the question that was asked.As an 18 year old I find this a very offensive question. I hear so many nasty things nowadays about how “bad” this generation is etc. Etc. You also don’t hear me talk full with my peers what bothers us to the older of society. About how they treat us as inferior, about how they have ruined our future with all environmental problems, and then expect that “we” will have to solve this in the future. I have an even strong opinion about this, but I love it for me because I know how to treat people with respect.

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