What are your suggestions to lead a happy life?

These are 20 suggestions to lead a happier life:

1.Enjoy small Things

Embrace the little pleasures in life, rather than waiting for great things.Even the smallest things can make you happier.

2.Perfection does not need

Unleash perfection in all aspects of your life.You are good as you are. You don’t have to wait until you have the perfect body, or the perfect job, or the perfect life to know you deserve happiness.

3.Don’t worry about what others think

You can’t make others happy, and if you try it will only seep your own happiness.

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4.Help others

Help someone from your neighbourhood a hand, even when you’re busy.Seeing that someone needs help, and providing that help too, makes you happier.

5.Do something with your hands

Gardener.Build something. Learn to cook. Any kind of work with your hands increases your feeling of happiness.

6.Write it down

Make a list of the things you are thankful for every day.You can also share your list with others. Writing down makes things real for your brain, so this habit strengthens your happiness.


Go offline

Quit Facebook, and talk to real people.People who spend a lot of time on Facebook are less fortunate than those who only communicate in the 鈧?虄real Life鈩?

8.Go out

Spend more time in nature.Fresh air, sunshine and nature give you an instant feeling of happiness.

9.Do you like

Don’t let your anger come out.Getting out and ventilating your anger will make you feel worse, not better.

10.Don’t Just Eat

Eat your meals in company of other people.Only food makes you gloomy.

11.Work yourself in sweat

Move, move, Move!When you sport, your brain produces chemical substances, making it literally impossible to feel depressed.

12.Stop accusing

Stop blaming others for things that go wrong in your life.Take responsibility and change the things you can change yourself.


Sleep adequately.Well equipped people are happier.

14.Expressed your thanks

Tell people when they do something that you appreciate.Expressing your gratitude not only increases your happiness, but also that of them.


Reach the Hand

Find a community of people, in which you can commit yourself.Caring for other people makes you happier.

16.Don’t be afraid to fail

Learn new things, even if you’re not bakes.Everything that is worth doing is also worth doing badly.

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17.Please note

Stop, watch, and listen to the everyday moments in your life.In our busy society we sometimes lose our focus at the moment, and with it our feeling of happiness as well.

18.Use your time well

Make time for things that make you happy.If it makes you happy, it’s worth it to find time for it.

19.Be creative

Find a way to express your creativity.Art, music, dance, modelling, wood editing or singing: Find your creative exhaust valve.


Choose for Happiness.We easily believe that our feeling of happiness has some sort of fixed level, but opting for luck makes you feel really happier.

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