What are your most common problems or frustrations when traveling?

If I only go on a trip, I look for the unpredictable.

I would like to book a hotel in advance,

But as soon as I leave the hotel early in the morning,

Then I go where the wind brings me.

I plan absolutely nothing.

And I consider it a sport to ask as much as possible to people on the street.

If I want to see something interesting, I’m stepping on people and I just ask.

If I am hungry, I get off on people and ask where you can eat decent in the neighborhood.

This has already delivered me the most amazing experiences.

That time in GyeongJu, South Korea, where I stayed exactly 1 day.There is a large temple nearby, absolute tourist attraction.

That day I ate at People’s home,

I’ve been playing football with a whole class of youngsters,

I was extensively interviewed by a Korean newspaper, after which I started singing with them in a Karaoke bar.

Those temple,

I never saw that.

All this changed when I met my wife, and went on a journey together with her.

For my wife, the trip does not start at the moment you report at the airport.


It starts for months before the holiday is booked at all.

My wife is doing very intensively with that.

For weeks I take every evening on the couch obliged with her all possible destinations.

It has a list of places of interest at each destination, as well as a list of possible accomodations.

My wife think I like this very much.

I do not like this at all.

My wife, of whom I love soul a lot, is very different from me.

She needs a goal and does not like unpredictability.

There she becomes very nervous.

We still have very nice vacations, but I often have the idea that we are finishing on holiday lists,

That we only eat in restaurants that are recommended on TripAdvisor.

This gives absolutely no problems,

Because we have never been disappointed,

But this frustrates me at gusts though.

For me personally, because of back problems, the trip itself.

There is little that can be done on it but if I sit in the car or OV for a long time then this results in pain in my back because of the shocking movements of the vehicle.Especially the fast vibrations are annoying. With the car I still have the slightest charge due to the good chair and shock absorbers, but nevertheless I sometimes have to put a rest break in long journeys.

The trip itself is not the problem.But the vibrations and movements of your vehicle can cause all sorts of problems. So with me the back pain but people who want to take a sip of water should also be careful not to mess. Things that you e.g. put on a table in the train also move back and forth and in addition, many people (and pets!) are getting sick by all those vibrations with all the inconveniences it brings with them. And in the car things can move over your dashboard back and forth, a phone holder with suction cup is slowly loosened again and if you have a very bad car then milk turns into butter…:-)

Well, I’m exaggerating a bit, but most of the problems and frustrations are caused by being in a moving vehicle and so you have to be careful that everything is firmly fixed.

So also the pots of paint you want to use to paint your boat with…:-)

Lately, especially after 9/11: the hassle before a plane trip can actually start: hours ahead of the row stand for the security check, the hassle with shoes, belts etc.

To do this, you often come to photografy too early at the airport because you don’t want to miss the risk of running the flight through the long waiting times for the security check, so hang your hours at the airport around, then the hassle (often hours of waiting times) at many Busy American airports, the sheer arbitrariness of American homeland Security who is or will not be picked out for further investigation. You can escape this last by travelling through Dublin, where US immigration has a forward post, after landing in the US, US immigration, the American customs have already passed in Dublin.

Thus in recent years no more air travel, I ride with my car to our holiday destinations on the mainland Europe.

I think that is the kind of travel?On holiday I am extra zen, it will take my time. I don’t worry about anything (normally even though not, but not at all).

Traveling what you could do daily with the OV and so. I stepped away from that.I live at half an hour cycling from my work. With the public transport it takes three quarters. Sin!

I actually do this only with extreme weather conditions, but more often I look at it when it is still okay to cycle and I go away slightly sooner.Rather than that in that OV with all those cranks. So you could call it a frustration point. The unfriendly atmosphere in the public transport and on hot days will not be better!

As a wheelchair user, it is not possible to travel spontaneously.It has become a little easier than it used to be, because things can now be arranged that previously could not be arranged, but arranging is not always possible and also not always simple. For example, it should always be long in advance.

In my case, I still have to be dialyzable three times a week, which means that I have to have facilities at my holiday address or nearby, which are not available everywhere.

Air travel is possible, but the line that dasrfor is needed can frustrate considerably.

The worst thing is, if you regulate everything long in advance and there is nothing to be arranged by mistakes or miscommunication, or that certain necessary things are forgotten.

Heavy suitcases and things I forgot.So good preparation and lightweight travel is the most important for me. I am often traveling so that preparation is always in a separate la ready.

I think those frustrations are already starting to build up before the trip.At many anyway. They have finally spent holidays and after a year of hard work, many people unconsciously put themselves and each other under tremendous pressure. Because the holiday must be perfect.

This causes tremendous stress, so everything can give rise to frustrations.Traffic, children who make a lot of noise, have to wait too long for some check-in counter, etc.

If you go to a place where there is mass tourism, it is even impossible for many people to use the holiday to relax.The stress and pressure that has accumulated can no longer be released.

You just have to look at how many people appear at work that are more exhausted than before they went on holiday.

Waiting for connections.I can handle it reasonably, but I do not like it, that useless extra travel time.

Usually at the airport.Wait until the turn of the emigration to indicate what is going on. In the V. S. I was once asked if I once worked as a guard in a Nazi concentration camp. I was not even born.

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