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Do You have a to do list? Most people do have something like this: often on a petal paper, or sometimes on the computer.You put all sorts of things on that list and sometimes you can strip something.

Lists are a useful tool if you use them properly and if they help you to get structure in your day.But lists can also be a source of frustration, from stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed, when you’re not using them properly.

Create a Daily action list. Set up tasks that you really will do, rather than make an endless list of which you will never see the end.These are my top tips for keeping your list manageable, productive and efficient.


Keep your To do list short. If too much is up, you feel overwhelmed.Choose only 5 to 10 tasks that you will be able to do today. The intention of a daily action list is that you will do all the tasks. If you only have five things on your list and you get them all done, then you are much more effective than a list of twenty to thirty cases of which you only do half.
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2.Keep your goal in mind. Relate your daily tasks to your important life goals and professional goals.Where does a task fit?

3.Plan your To do’s. Decide how long each task will last and plan that time in your calendar.Use your list as part of your daily planning process.

4.Be realistic. Do not put 10 things on your list to realize that they will each take an hour to complete.

5.Set priorities. Not every task is equally important.Use Numbers (1, 2, 3,…), letters (A, B, C,…) or colors to indicate priorities. Make sure you finish the high-priority tasks first. Otherwise, you will be inclined to do just ‘ fun ‘ tasks and postpone the other, even if they are important.
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6.Create intelligent lists. Don’t just put a big task on your list, but divide it into manageable subtasks.’ Project X finishing ‘ consists of a series of tasks and can take several days but ‘ scheduling a meeting with Y ‘ can be the first step and maybe only a few minutes away. Set the status, deadline and timing to better organize your tasks.

7.Group similar tasks and treat them together, such as phone calls, email processing, administration, or bank transfers.It goes faster and it is much more efficient to work on similar tasks than to switch between totally different tasks.

8.Check your To Do list arranged. View your list throughout your day to stay focused.By stripe done items and add remaining tasks to your list for the next day.

9.Be creative. Use your calendar, a whiteboard, a separate notebook (for your lists only), your computer or smartphone -what works for you, but: keep it simple.Technology is beautiful but sometimes it makes things worse and too complicated.

10.Create a ‘ masterlist ‘. That’s a list of tasks you’ll ever or maybe or soon want to do, but not yet a priority or a task you need to focus on now.These actions on your ‘ master list ‘ can be transferred to your daily list when it fits.

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