What are your favorite holiday places and why?

I have a few secret places that I know from my childhood.

When I go there, I feel a lot of inner peace.

What I like to do rarely do more: (depending on the season)

  • Ignite a fire and sit by the fire, eat grilling and drink wine or beer.
  • Collect mushrooms, chestnuts, walnuts, berries, cherries, hazelnut, apples, pears or quince.
  • Fishing and making my own bait for trout fishing…
  • In the Forest walk and a whistle from a branch of a hazelnut tree kerven.
  • Swim in the river and glide along the naturally polished rocks of the waterfall, even though the water is freezing cold because it is actually melted snow.
  • Hiking In The mountains
  • The grass fields on top of my mountain smell…
  • View the Wildflowers
  • Drive through the corn fields during a hot summer day and be hosed by the huge agricultural sprayers.
  • Driving through a small picturesque village
  • Visit Ancient Romanesque churches
  • Playing bocce with the locals
  • Doing a nap in nature
  • Enjoy the coolness of a cave

Where is this paradise?

It’s here:

I find everywhere it is reasonably developed, and especially safe, it’s nice.Am not from camping, or staying overnight in primitive cottages with hole in the ground toilets somewhere outside, also no sporting vacations.

I have been very much in France, sometimes up to three times a year, started in the Eighties when our children were still small, France in our experience is a child friendly country, the country is big, and very varied, the food we find fine, so can We see/experience a lot.Am especially impressed by the many mostly Gothic Cathedralen, but also the sometimes very small secluded Romanesque churches that are a stop on the road to Santiago de Compostela, even though I am not faithful. Unfortunately, the French often only speak French, while we do not speak French, although after all these years I do not know anything about to walk completely deaf, it can also follow the news on French TV, but this is now a lot less with internet everywhere Important than in the pre-Internet era.

In Italy, Spanja and Portugal, I have also traveled with great pleasure.

I hardly know other continents, I have been to Java and Bali, speaking the language itself is very easy, New York, and California I also like, Boston I still have to go, I’ve been in Mexico and Guatemala for decades, don’t think I’m there n You want to see the narco problems in Mexico, I would like to get more from China, speak reasonably Mandarin Chinese, but have such a burden of jet lag, and everything has become so expensive.We visited Cambodia and Laos, especially Cambodia is very beautiful, but not such that I want to go there again.

I find the place less important.For me, the most beautiful vacations are when I can stay with local people and see how they live. And I have some.

For many years I have done an exchange with people from Nowy Sacz in Poland.One summer they came to stay with us, the summer afterwards it was reversed. Fantastic memories and I can still go there. This arose because the owner of the tennis Club, where I was a member, coincidentally met a Pool and took up the project together.

An uncle of my ex-wife is a member of an athletics association.They still have a project running with people from Andover in England via the same principle as described above. At one time he asked me to give the group from Andover a tour of Brussels. That was so much fun that I participated in the project from Dan Zan. Soon I will go to Ginder again and stay with a former female colonel of the British Army. Extra Fine: She lives just fifteen minutes drive from Stonehenge.

When I was five years old, my neighbors came to a north Irish, staying the same age.That was always two months during the summer. This continued through the Eurochildren Association. They offer vacations to children from problem areas. A civil war was still underway in Northern Ireland and certainly in Belfast. Nowadays they work with children from Chernobyl. So that was for me two months to speak a piece of English. From his fifteenth he stayed here. I visited his birthplace and got to know his family. Because of membership of the IRA, his father had been awarded a seven-year prison in the years 80. He moved to just about the westernmost point of Ireland. Beautiful is it there. I have been back there several times and I also go to both places in Ireland.

If you ever get the chance to stay in a host family, don’t hesitate.After that beach holidays are no longer interesting.

I used to be quite favorite, little secret holiday places, in the Netherlands, in France (I’m a Fleming.) But I usually don’t go back there, a favorite place for me, is a place, bit secluded, secret (sensible) where you really come to rest; These places do not exist anymore.Example: I went regularly with my children and the Mobil Home (homemade) to France, Cape Gris Nez and Cape Blanc nez. That was a wilderness there, you could wander for hours there, the children were at the remnants of the war, at Blanc Nez we could fly planes, if the weather was good we saw England; and now, everything is headed in “good” “jobs, roads and many pieces closed. Actually there is nothing more to do or see, unless a lot of people, but for that I do not have to drive so far;

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