What are your experiences with traditional Chinese medicine?

Be a totally western educated physician, never done anything with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Be as a consumer, when I regularly overworked with painably tense neck and shoulder muscles walked around, at my brother-in-law, a Western-educated basic physician who chose TCM, treated with acupuncture, this helped my aching muscles within one night to Relaxing, road pain, no painkillers needed, so for me personally very useful.
Acupuncture against pain complaints is said to be often effective, although against chronic pain T.G.V. Knee arthrosis This again would not be effective, only a non significant trend Effectiveness and feasibility of acupuncture for knee Osteoarthritis: A pilot randomized controlled trial.
For acute and chronic low back Pain, acupuncture works well in the short term, it was noted that the quality of the researchations was low Acupuncture for low Back: An Overview of Systematic Reviews

Also, when I turn dizzy (Vertigo) decades ago, a sudden on bed t.g.v. an acute ignition of my equilibrium nerve (the eighth cranial nerve, neuritis Vestibularis) was a acupuncture session (in which he had a total of fifty to sixty needles Used) enough that I dared to open my eyes again, nausea about it, minimally turning dizziness, and without having to fall could walk around.After a week I worked full-time as a medical specialist in our hospital, only because of the failure of one equilibrium organ at the beginning when walking a deviation (deviation) to one side, so sometimes against a door pole to walk what I after a week automatically Corrected. From experience I know that my patients were up to six weeks on bed because of the huge vertigo and nausea/vomiting, the drugs we have are in my opinion not well researched, roughly at the level of a placebo. Be aware that this was an N = 1 experiment, however, a placebo effect seemed very unlikely to me.

The late father, ophthalmologist, learned in 1958 as consideration (was for 5 months unremunerated guest professor of tropical ophthalmology in Guangzhou, Volksrepublik China) Acupuncture for the eye, after returning to Indonesia with great pleasure pain relief at Lasogen (T.G.V. without protective goggles welding, UV light damage to the cornea, self limiting, but for 24 hours extremely painful, Western medicine had only cocaine eye drops against it) successfully done so.

So favourable personal experiences, scientifically still inadequately substantiated.

TCM was propagated by the Chinese Communist rulers because they realised that general medical care for the entire Chinese population was not possible in the short term.They themselves have largely taken care of Western medical treatments.

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