What are your experiences with influencermarketing? Have you ever paid a social media celebrity to use your product?

No.That cannot be in the financial sector. Social Media celebrities do not make any impression on investors. For them, they are a mess of suckers who live in a parallel universe.
The true Empires drive in perennial cars, dress up at C & A, shop in the local grocery stores, i.e. do everything to go unnoticed in the crowd.They do not thrive on social media.

I worked for a long time in an office, where the wealthy customers and their fathers had seen in a timely manner that they had to radically change to survive.Flax farmers suddenly sold shoes. Smaller manufacturers of agricultural machinery switched to pieced work or suddenly produced packaging material.

Marketing has no use if you cannot fulfil your promises.What few know is that even the typical investment banks for the upper class customers are tied to the ‘ list ‘ with hands and feet. Then you can read which 5 products you should push during week 21. When the crisis of 2008 was coming up (flea credits that were bundled in hedge funds and sold as investments, this means: that one would draw the unrealistic gains promised to customers on the high, not yet recovered, to much Easily granted loans.

If you know on which limited knowledge base many investment advisors can boast, you put your savings in your socks.Even the best advisors reach a point where they just do what is asked and no more nut to give.

I was still bothered to look at the funds and the life insurance that the bank repackaged as investments and of which they paid MORE THAN the promised profit for each deposit under the heading ‘ administration costs ‘.

When I followed the trail of the junk credits and even called to a trading office near Wall Street itself and because of this very unusual step it really got to hear how it really sat, I knew exactly what to do about me : All the shares issued by my own employer and which I ever bought for an average 鈧?0 and who now scored 鈧?5 were selling ASAP.Trees do not grow into the sky.
My colleagues all advised me to wait for FF.’ There is still potential for growth. ‘

Now there is a system in banks where employees can buy employers ‘ shares 1 time a year.You do some advantage, but the SOP is not worth the cabbage.
Heaven and earth I have had to move to my father, who, like so many intellectuals, was persuaded to laugh last, despite the blows he had previously received by beating my counsel in the wind (then he lost 100% (the amount invested) instead of the 100% Reimbursement PLUS the 60% untaxed profit that my plan would have yielded to him).Reason: Once I gave him a loued tip for a small amount. So I lost my street credibility forever. And that while he was himself of the Devils as his own father, at his 45th he was too young to talk about finances.

Even to this day, he does not have the slightest faith in me, and refuses to admit him stubbornly where I saved him for his all-around.He had bought a new house with two garages, of which he only needed one. I had noticed this first. He could barely believe to have been so bite and initially gave my right. The next day I heard that my mother had suspicions for a long time that something was not right. And indeed: After three days they had discovered the fraud ITSELF!

My cousin could best use some money.He would buy a cottage. Now I know something very few Belgians know. Delhaize is a supermarket chain where you will find the better products. Due to the closure of some branches in Belgium, there was some social riots and their shares suddenly collapsed very quickly. But, Delhaize earns 95% of its profit in the US, where nothing was going on. I call my cousin and tell him: Wait another 1 or 2 days and buy those shares at their bottoming point. Minus digits cannot be completely correct, but he bought them at 鈧? and a realistic rate is 鈧?0. When the condition was normalised again and they rose to 鈧?0, I called him up with the Council no longer waiting and dumping the whole bunch. He did and if he wanted he could settle everything cash.

Now I was sitting in close shoes later and I call him up, and I remind him of the fact that he thanks to me his savings increased tenfold and that he was on his 25 homeowner.I needed three days 鈧?00. And I would love it if he could help ME out of the need. I was told that the purchase and sale was his own idea. He actually started to explain to me how the stock market was in each other.

You make sure that someone will have no or little worries for the rest of his days.Sit your own es in the crap, watch it.

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