What are your experiences with a stomach reduction?

The experiences may vary depending on the persons.This is my personal experience. Everyone is different.

The goal of this operation is to lose weight quickly despite eating disorders.

The operation is not innocent.It’s actually pretty heavy.

I had a gastric bypass 10 years ago, and I almost died on the operating table, for unexpected reasons.The surgeon kept me 9 hours instead of the initially planned 4 hours, and he had to make the whole inside of my belly in order.

I went to this operation heavily, but healthy.I wasn’t sick.

I came weak and with pain from the operation, without having any force over it.

Instead of a few little littekentjes, I had a big scar.

My blood pressure was so low that no blood could be taken from me for the examination: it took 45 minutes to get a drop of blood.

After the operation I could not eat anything for a week.I was terrified because my belly felt so strange and painful.

Once at home I couldn’t even get into the kitchen: I was really afraid to open my fridge.I didn’t know what to eat, what would hurt or not.

This seems to happen to many people who have undergone this operation.

So after a week I ate a quarter teaspoon of yogurt and the corner of a biscotte.

After a month I ate a soup spoon of pasta as a meal.

I had to chew very carefully, otherwise it would hurt.Meat was unbearable. It had to be raw or stewed in a lot of sauce and I had to chew for a long time before I could swallow it.

I have discovered the real taste of food all over again, which is a huge plus: it leads you to what is good for you or not.

After the operation I could no longer drink.The water had to be at room temperature and I could only drink one sip at a time.

Even now, 10 years later, although I can eat again quite normally, drinking is limited to a maximum of 3 sips.

The fact that I could not supply my body with fuel caused a lot of weakness.I needed food, had hunger, couldn’t eat. The feeling of famine and frustration was great.

The solution:

-Multiple micro meals throughout the day.(6 to 8 times a day)

-Wear a bottle of water at all times and do not forget to always take a sip, even if you have no thirst.

I can no longer eat all the food.If it is too fat or too sweet, I get sick. Very sick.

The first time it happened to me, I almost fainted in a comatose state: I had a sip or fresh orange juice, and a Kiri cream cheese.Within minutes I felt my heart beat faster, I sweated, I had the feeling I was dying. My eyes went close and I fainted.

Three hours later I woke up and I had no idea what had just happened.

To date I still can’t drink fruit juices more or eat fresh fruit for 17.00 hours.

The consequences of the operation:

The first year I dropped 35 pounds.It felt like a failure for me. All my friends lost 50, 60, 70 or even 90 pounds in one year time.

I was struggling to lose 35 pounds.

Then I became pregnant and the pregnancy demanded a toll from my weakened body.

I gave my baby long term breastfeeding, and it also demanded a toll from my body: I got severe anemia.

My nails broke, my hair didn’t grow anymore.I was very pale, with constant wounds and skin irritations in my mouth and to my nostrils.

But during all this my weight remained stable for the first time of my life: I did not meet or lose.

This helped tremendously in accepting myself, just as I am, although it has cost me over 3 years to get there.After the birth of my second child, I decided to cure the cause of my eating disorders.And I succeeded. At the same time I started playing sports and lost 20 kilos in over 1 year.

I believe the bypass has helped me to tackle my eating disorders in some way.

In the past I was always afraid to suffer hunger….. This is something that I am never worried about.

I used to never leave the house without first eating something or eating with it, “just in case”.

If I did not do anything at home, my mind would automatically wander to the browsing of the kitchen cabinets and the fridge to suggest me the content and what at this time would be a treat or satisfaction to eat.

This changed completely, and I believe this came with the help of the bypass.This is such a relief to not feel this addiction anymore.

If I could draw a short conclusion, it would be that:

1/I did the bypass because I wanted to lose weight…. But losing weight turned out to be a perk.

The big plus of this operation was that I healed from my eating disorders and accepted myself as I am: I will never look like one of those sexy thin girls, and that’s okay too.

2/I am healthy: no high blood pressure, no diabetes.

What was the huge disadvantage of this operation is…. Weight loss Effects:

1/I’m lost in my loose skin.

For my whole life, people have told me, “Oh Celine, if you’re slimming, you’ll become so beautiful!”. But I have fallen in total 60 pounds, in 10 years time…. And my body looks like an empty balloon like the body of a 90 year old chubby lady.

I could be surgery, but that would mean more scars, especially on my belly: Because of the existing scar, the surgeon should make an inverted T-scar: from hip to hip and all the way to under my breasts.I believe it’s called Fleur de Lys.

2/I have lifelong anemia.I have to take huge supplements and I continue to struggle with my health as regards vitamins and minerals.

I thought I was a gastric bypass failure for years, until I came into contact with my former physician in France.I told him what my situation was and he said he was really proud of me, that I was a complete success: my weight was stable and I became a mother. He said that I had to be less harsh against myself.

Funny thing is that technically I’m still fat.

People who don’t know that I have fallen 60 pounds will judge me as a lazy, unhealthy, fat girl.And when I say that I have fallen off so much, I change into a circus animal.An attraction… Or a monster:… I see either the horror in their eyes: “What?You mean you were even thicker? ‘; Or the admiration: “What? 60 kilo? Like 6 and 0? Really? This is so impressive! Well done “.

I do not feel any of this or perhaps more horror than pride.

The real success here, is not the figures: as I said, healing the eating disorders, and accepting myself was the real success here.

If you know anything about eating disorders, then you know that both values are intertwined.

And you also know that you can do that, solve this problem, without the operation.

Allow me to conclude this with my own questions: Given that I live in a skin that is now too big for me, and that I have anemia the rest of my life, was it really worthwhile to risk my life on the operating table?

Is there a way to really get better if at some point in your life you weigh almost 160 pounds and your only solution is to cut you open by a surgeon?

Stomach reduction is not kidding.

And it has serious psychological consequences.

If you decide you want to do it, be sure to choose a top medical team.

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