What are your best tips to protect your dog during a heat wave?

As far as I know there are some useful tips, to you to choose which are within your limits:

  • Wetted legs with (lukewarm) water: The floor is going to have some dog paw prints, you are doing your dog a lot of fun with it
  • A shave?

According to some, this is perceived as abuse, I see it when your doggy do a favor.’ Against nature ‘? The domesticated animal has almost nothing more of its original ancestor anyway.

  • Walking: After sunset!
  • In Full sun and even by the evening the street can be really hot. Test it by imposing a few seconds on your hand. Too hot for you? Therefore probably for your four-legged friend.

  • Be careful not to give your dog ice cold water.
  • Like humans, this can cause diarrhea. Place water at room temperature instead of (tap).

  • Keep a good eye on your dog when you leave it in the garden.
  • Real play bugs sometimes realize something too late that they are thirsty and eventually become overheated/dehydrated. Do not have dogs so I can only come with boere wit things.Day after the beach with dogs do something of a parasoly and a lot of water what they can drink. Or throw something of an inflatable pool at home and park your dogs there. If that fails to put the garden hose on it

    Actually nothing.It is mainly about what we should not do. Depriving the dog of his freedom so that it cannot get out of a plight. For example leave in the car, a small garden without shade, no drinking water provided etc. A dog will find a place to cool down. The intervention and negligence of man is generally the reason why a dog would suffer from a heat wave. I think we are heavily underestimating dogs in terms of adaptation. As Inge writes, keeping an eye on it to ensure that the dog has its freedom, the owner ultimately determines the territory of his faithful companion.

    Do not go outside in full sun.(Seems logical) At a heat wave in the garden in the shade is probably still too warm, inside it is cooler.

    Don’t go for a long walk but just do a short pee round (morning and evening).

    Coolness blanket to lie on.I have also seen a doggy (golden Retriever) walking outside with a cooling deck on it.

    When we had dogs ourselves (boerboels) We put wet towels in the freezer and then on the floor to lie on and/or on their back.Always refresh.

    Have a lot of drinks.Ice Cubes in the drinking water can also be delicious. We also sometimes gave us a fruit ice cream (make yourself or without preservatives etc).

    I thought you also had to fit in with a big transition from cold to warm (in terms of food and drink), but I’m not sure more.It’s been a while since I had doggies.

    Tip of the dog itself: those of us dug a pit in the garden to lie in.With a farmer of more than 70kg, this means a crater of 1, 5mtr diameter. Xd


    You have collars and mats with a cooling gel (actually the water) you put them in the refrigerator and your dog can lie on it… But dogs are not afraid of water… So you can also use a wet towel or put it in the shower.And give plenty of water and do not allow to play in full sunlight for too long. Cats are a different story, with them you can make the foot pads wet. (if they tolerate it)

    Get a chilled blanket in the pet shop and a swimming pool and make sure there is plenty of fresh drinking water and shade

    Stay home so you can KEEP an Eye I, the SAIL

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