What are you more than tired of having to explain to people each time?

I studied Korean, but my wife is Chinese.

Shocking of course.

At parties and shorts where my wife and I join together I explain in almost half of the cases:

  • Why I studied Korean, and not Chinese

And where my wife stands, shameless, but really:

  • Why my wife is not Korean then

Or Japanese dog food.

* Insert racist joke here *

1. I have often gotten this question from adults.Adults who have heard this again from others or from a joke but wonder if there is any truth in it. I will tell you: Absolutely not. Chinese, Vietnamesen and South Koreans do. Especially in China. Read, Japan is not in between. Not all Asian countries are the same. Sigh. It does not fit in the Japanese culture to eat dog. Maybe someone has ever eaten it, but that’s really exceptional. Maybe in the Second World War, who knows. But now? No.

What ‘ strange ‘ animals do Japanese eat?Whale and Dolphin for example.

2.The next observation that I have ever been accommodating is something in the way: Japan and China are similar. No dear folks. Like that Turkey and Morocco do not seem alike either. Asian + Asian = Not all the same. Indeed. Japan looks more like Germany than on Vietnam.

The Japanese writings, however, originate from the Chinese.But the Japanese writings have continued on this and now has a complete own writings ‘ Kanji ‘ ‘ Katagana ‘ and ‘ Hiragana ‘. In China One talks Cantonese or Mandarin, or many other dialects. China counts with a different calendar than the Japanese. The Japanese are joining the Western calendar in terms of the great festivities such as Old & New. However, Japan has its own annual census (in addition to the Western) because Japan has an emperor. Now we have come into a new period ‘ Reiwa ‘.
The Japanese culture seems for no meter on the Chinese.With all due respect. For now, just too much to explain. But one example: Japanese bow to everything (greetings, thanks, Farewell, excuses), Chinese do not bend (or barely). China is socialist, Japan capitalist.

More importantly; China and Japan hate each other.Governments. So no, not exactly a fraternal relationship.

3.Finally. Do I often have to explain to people that ‘ Ching Chang Chong ‘ is actually racist. Often people think that it is not so bad to insult an Asian. Yes. Just don’t do it. Or on a birthday dress sing ‘ Hankiepankie Shanghai ‘. Not funny. At least, if you are not 5 years more. This type of text also does not appeal to other peoples. I often walk in Amsterdam over the street with my girlfriends (read: Asian) and we always get something to our head hurled ‘ Nihao ‘. These are often people who feel discriminated against themselves, so I sometimes don’t get it at all.

That mankind must go further and leave the superstition of four-year-olds behind.There are no gods, there are no spirits and the simple four-year question that every parent knows, gives a clear answer directly to this:

It is really annoying that in this information age we still prefer to react to animal instincts and emotions as if it were ‘ signals of gods ‘, then that we use what our man makes to our responsibility (which comes with the ability choices to Take it for that which we have influence over.

We cannot do it both ways: and continue to chase animal emotions and instincts, AND then pretend that we are not animals.

When the logic forces you, you are reasonably determined by your honesty.~ Marcelus Aurelius ~

That I am Indo and my ancestors were Indian Dutchmen.

And that is not the same as Indian, Javanese or Indonesian.

Why I am just a vegetarian.It is apparently still very normal for quite a few people to continue eating meat knowing what unethical way animals are treated. Mja They can not miss the good taste, bullcrap and selfish I call that! 🙁

MAMS, candles on the corner of your desk above a carpet are not a good idea.

MAMS, you always do the same, then he reacts the same (my brother)

No mams, I have to be over vijr minutes at work, I still can’t clean ff the house.

No mams, I have no money.I can’t give you money.

MAMS, could you wait until I got in before you drive away?

No family, I have told you absolutely nothing about whether I have a relationship or not.You have speculated on everything.

That I also should not drink water during Ramadan.

That I am not an incel when I say that some people are getting a partner more easily than others and the idea that women are mainly giving character shades as 鈧?艙self-Confidence 鈧?or 鈧?艙intelligentie 鈧?in a man is nonsense.

I actually agree in many areas with the Blackpill, the ideology of the incels, because women want handsome men and patriarchy has more or less banned them, so there is now this idea that women are giving more character.That is what the foundation of the Blackpill says, and it has just made me a great supporter of women’s rights, as opposed to a woman-hating incel.

Morally, I am very far away from that kind of type, and if you deny the truth, just like incels, you cannot cope with the fact that women care for appearance and so are you just to them.Don’t you ou deny it to men? That is because your value system also allows men to give appearance in women but not the other way around. That only sounds like an incel.

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