What are you going to notice in your life of a hard Brexit, should this be the outcome of the negotiations between London and Brussels?

I think more than you would expect.

At first glance, there are precious few products or services really from the UK that I have been involved in.I don’t come to the Mcdonald’s so Angus meat in the burger I’m definitely not missing.

Have you ever heard of Unilever?Not entirely a Dutch company. I haven’t bought a Magnum ice cream for years, so I don’t miss that, but I think the detergent I use will be more expensive. Refueling will also become more expensive, although I have been tank for years no longer at a Shell gas station, being from those small independent gas stations of garages that the gasoline probably does not get from shell. I also don’t save air miles.

I watch some BBC programs.It would be a pity if that disappears, but I can live there without it and otherwise it will be with the repetition on Canvas.

A daughter of the neighbors might have much more trouble with it, her husband works in England.

But indirectly I even have to deal with it, or at least customers of mine might be dealing with it.Ever heard of PayPal? It sounds crazy, but it turns out that arbitration of an American product takes place in Wales and thus has to do with British regulation.

Indirectly, the United Kingdom seems to have considerable influence.My suspicion is that it gets more expensive, more hassle and more administrative burdens.

A greater number of cases than I would like to:

  • I wear quite a few English clothes.

My English jacket (such a handmade waxcoat) I probably won’t be able to send it to the factory for free repairs.

  • The fun pheasants and grouse hunting parties on the Estates can also be forgotten, I suspect. First of all, it Was a challenge to get the English hunting papers in order, which is now definitely impossible.
  • Therefore, my European firearms pass will no longer recognise them.

  • I’m going to be less called by English recruitmentagencies.
  • That I had a lot of appreciation and admiration for British culture in my life.Have even obtained an MBA and was proud of it. But the common sense seems to have disappeared completely, and they don’t know what the word democracy means.

    They think it is the emancipation of the stupid figures. They don’t trust leaders anymore, so negotiating has become pointless.We negotiate with every Brit, millions of them, rather than with leaders with a mandate.

    I think it is better to let them float towards the Atlantic Ocean for a while.And here in the EU to turn the economic engine back on, more attention to it. That works like a Takakh, it has proved.

    I order some books and Cds from Amazon UK. If I have to pay import duties I will probably have to look at THE or Fr earlier.Unless the pound would be so in value that the import duties no longer matter.

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