What are you getting worse during checkout?

People who are walking annoy during checkout.

When I was in Australia and in the supermarket row could not find my money here, I became superstressed because I was stopping the queue.But both the check-out Guy and the row that formed behind me had something like “Take your time, no worries!” This attitude ensured that I could breathe as normal and again found the rest in MN head to think of where I had my money stopped.

In the Netherlands, the whole row often begins to complain aloud and you almost get the queue out, so that you can empty your pockets somewhere in a corner.

Sometimes you can take the negativity with the feeding of your own beach (unintentionally). So you can unnecessarily make a very unpleasant situation.

If the cashier says no day.

Talk to other employees and pretend that nobody stands before them.So a talk/gossip with other colleagues.

Should mention that there are more good/nice cashiers in there than ‘ bad ‘ to bring it even bone.

People do not seem to be able to annoy you, as I read here.But I find it just decent if you work somewhere then you just hear to keep the norm and have an eye for customers. Otherwise you need to work back office somewhere.

We shouldn’t be so lax with everything.At one point nobody has any decency because we have to leave everyone and everything.

If it is ‘ but ‘ a supermarket or something like that, if you fulfill a certain function you need to do this properly.That means simply to say good-minded customers and not to be busy with other things.

Edit: Or if you are in a store and they kindly ask if they can help you and thank you for that, they still keep you running behind?Or that they are constantly staying in your neighbourhood to keep a salesperson chat again. Especially at clothing stores, I just want to look myself. Friendly that they ask if they can help but I find that if you ‘ I look around, but thanks! ‘ That they should not always walk behind you.

Last I was at a residential market because I was looking for a new bank.Would like to look at my own convenience and if I have questions I always know someone. So I thanked the friendly lady and said I wanted to look myself. But she kept walking with me and made remarks with every piece of furniture where I sat down. Which made me feel obliged to share with her what I liked. It was quite uncomfortable because in this way I couldn’t really at my pace ‘ shopping ‘.

As a cashier at the Mcdonald’s, I can do an unlisted one:

* Struggle for who pays.And then we have it in positive sentences, that they all fight to pay. I see this mainly in a certain group of people. Me, as a cashier, it is not interesting who, but that is paid. What interests me is the line you stop by showing this behavior. It is respectful behaviour to your fellow group mates to pay, it is only very annoying for the cashier.

* Do not have enough money and then ask others for the remainder.Happens a lot in childhood, after which the words often fall: “But I still get x euros from you”. I often notice that this group has no sense of money; What they can buy from, what costs things and what you have to do to earn it. Anyway, you keep the row up.

* After not having enough money to adjust your order or cancells.

These will probably be found in other places in some way

Ah!At a certain grocery store, I always ask for my bonus card.

I never prepare this for that.

Pure laziness.

Just on the “You also have a bonus card-moment” I start to look for the most enthusiastic in my jacket pockets and he usually comes above water.

The cassi猫res have a lot of patience with me.


I’ve heard dozens of times that I can also put that card on my phone.

Would anyone in the queue seas of time care, I realize.

Still hasn’t happened.

Pure laziness.

I admire the cassi猫res,

Admiration for the people behind me in line,

But worse me especially to myself,

I guess.

Suppose you are in front of the checkout.You throw your bags/boxes/groceries on the counter, and wait patiently for the employee to finish scanning.

You grab your wallet, your debit card, want to keep it above the automatic

“Oh, you have shoes.Do you also want to have spray? “

“Do you also save pans?”

“Advantage Card?”

“Free pillows then?”

“Are you already a member of Onz…”

No!Then I had asked for it, I have pans at home enough, I have no advantage card, I sleep on good pillows and I come in this shop once a year! “

(You have to say harder and faster, and the last word shouting for the dramatic effect).

Here one for all retail stores:

If I want something, I’ll ask.If I have a customer card, I’ll show it. If I want to say the stamps I do, and if I want to become a member I will fill in the registration form which is often next to the checkout. You don’t have to ask every time.

To waiters and waitersters who only accept cash and then have little change of money with them.To avoid that, I almost always pin unless I find that they deserve a tip. In The latter case, I will stop them secretly.

When they start talking English to you in the Netherlands.Also outside of Amsterdam.


To nothing.
What should irritate me?

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