What are tips to improve your concentration on work if you are suffering from ADHD/ADD?

This might sound a bit weird, and with me it works especially at schoolwork a.o…. Can you listen and do something with hands at the same time?

I have features of add (or have it probably, but we’ll let it fall under the name Autism.)

And I’m literally drawing, watercolours, in the middle of the lesson.I can listen perfectly and still get sevens and eights for English and 6.5 for Dutch, while I sit with me watercolour palette a bit to Kliederen. But, though, with me ears open.

Especially when you are at work, you could occasionally click in a certain scripture to stay active.If necessary, use only hyper your hands to put dashes in it. But you know, then the energy will look like. If you have more energy in your legs try one such cyclist thing for under the table. It is natural to know what work you have, but if you have ADD the energy should look like. And in ADHD, you have to excite yourself. So maybe that’s a few ideas? Of course you also have those cubes that you can take in your hand and can play with them continuously, fidgets. Some also make no sound, or certain cubes make no sound, so that can also be a way!

Here is a clear list;

  • Drawing while you are listening and/or working.

You need to look at it.

  • Pedaaltje under your desk to keep moving
  • Fidgets (or a fidget cube.) all available at bol.com!
  • And if you want a bit of a quiet and original: the home of the original fidget CUBE, PIXL blocks, and more

  • Music through headphones.
  • With me, rock often helps because that’s more intense than the folk music I normally listen to. (Broadside vs Hozier) If you’re listening to song/text and follow the text with your head, it can help!

  • A stress ball or a ‘ squishy ‘ both normal to use.
  • A squishy is easier to get broke (unfortunately.)

  • Try music without voice!
  • Then you still have the energy of the music, but no active voice that takes over in your head. That way you have a lot of house numbers (but also indiefolk.).

  • A podcast!
  • You should work, especially with your hands/body, listen a podcast! When I’m traveling or sketching for a certain work, I always put on a podcast because that blocks the voice in my head. (Do you have too. Is your ‘ think ‘ voice.) The tips I have: Mythunderstood, a podcast about Greek mythology brought in a lighter and comedic way. Queer History, podcast about LGBTQ + people in history never talked about. And so you have a lot more!

    Hopefully I can help!

    Nice day.(:

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