What are tips to be able to take hours of long distances with the car without losing your concentration while driving?

Being ‘ concentrated ‘ is an end, so you really have to stop and do something else.A tip to test someone’s ability to concentrate: Look at the eight-hour journal together. Realize that it takes ‘ only ‘ twenty minutes-because that is the average concentration span. After the journal, ask your partner to appoint the themes discussed in the journal. My prediction: They don’t come to half yet. There your concentration spanne.

And think they can drive hours and hours of concentrated car.They cannot. So after two hours a half hour stop. Point.

As real gamers, of course, you have to make everything a game.At the moment we are in the car, my husband and I am riding his living navigation system.
The route, resting moments, food and drinks are my package.

Mind you, I do not worry about how the car moves or what choices are made on the road.That’s not my job, that’s the task of the driver. Only on request will I notice something. I’m not talking too much, I’m talking back, but don’t go out of stories. When you drive you are in a kind of concentration mode, the idea alone is that someone would be constantly going against me. Ugh terribly, I do not do it myself either.

I always level up in front of my husband how he sits in his skin, in terms of energy.On this basis, I make an estimation of how long he can drive. Sometimes it changes along the way (I can still drive for half an hour) and then I just adjust the stop-eating and drinking place.

To be very honest, as a child I also just got a card in my hand pushed, ‘ today we drive to Italy, make sure we get there ‘.
There was no Tom Tom yet-I was the forerunner, the Chais-chais;)

However, I have to admit that I can remember cards very easily.I only need to see the route once and I know him. The term ‘ photographic memory ‘ has now become obsolete, but I can look at it and then I’ll save it right. That is also the case for the images of the driven route. I remember-luckily as a child I was already a lot on the driver’s seat, so I remembered everything and I can do my role as a navigator well:)

Well, the first thing that comes to my own is that the best tip is not to let it come so far.For everyone, it is true that hours are in your car to reduce the attention eventually. For example, you notice that you didn’t notice any turns you knew you were passing. Not seen. Or eh am I already so far? Or that you need to correct anything while you normally never need to correct, the middle line seems to have a stronger appeal than usual.

Indeed, they are creeping things that just escape your attention.Then stop. And there are plenty of good tips to find on the internet but for me the best remains: don’t exaggerate and stop. Lasts a little longer but driving through can prolong the journey time indefinitely.


It is imperative that you do not have a driver’s license so that you cannot be forced to take place behind the wheel.Delicious.

That will vary per person.I myself can drive for hours, for a ride of 5 hours without stopping I do not turn my hand for. I then listen to my own music, and touch in some sort of trance where I like it being one with my car. I am so focused on motoring that there is nothing more than the road and my car as it were. I am really just driving: I scan the road to see how I can catch up best, on an empty road I calculate how I can best cut the curves and am aware of every car in my vicinity. On quiet pieces I am working on calculating the estimated time to reach a turn to a large stand or crossing a national border. I will be completely zen, just as someone can lose themselves in a good book or an exciting computer game. It is important, though, that I am not going to hunt, but just quietly go through one tempo, whether or not helped by my cruise control. Usually exactly the maximum speed.

Once I have reached that state I can really drive for hours.Stopping takes me out of that trance and it also takes me hard to regain that total focus and relaxation at the same time. That’s why stopping for me is more fatithier than driving through.

Playlist.Depart in the afternoon and stop at each tank turn to eat and drink, stretch your legs and do not go through again if you find yourself well. So I do it.

I usually manage to be in Geneva early in the morning, or in Milan, or in Spain.But I prefer never to drive through Belgium and France, I love the monotonousness and traffic jams.

Take care of a fine driving car with good seats and a cruise control then you drive relaxed and you won’t get tired.

Drive quietly at a speed where you can relax.When you hunt and drive hard you have to keep in the brakes and you will get tired quickly.

In case of emergency songs that you can sing along well (folk singers).As long as you sing you can not fall asleep.

Drive in the evening and at night when the road is quiet and you can go for a good ride.There is also more peace in your body and with sleeping passengers you don’t have to stop constantly.


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