What are things you can better avoid during a trip?

SEOUL, 2003.

The wife of the landlord worried.

After all, she hadn’t seen me for two days.

When she knocked on my room, there was also just a growl of the room.

Food poisoning.

I had been in bed for two days and had barely eaten and drank.

An hour later so in the hospital…

The doctor looked at me full of disbelief when I told me that I considered it a sport to give every food stall on the street in Seoul a chance.

This went well for three weeks.

And then so very wrong.

Probably I was at the wrong time in the wrong place, and something like that might have been in years time before,

But if you are as clever as Sebastian and you go on the street several times a day with such a eater, then of course you walk faster.

With Dot in the first place: the NOR, quod or Bajes, in short, the prison.

And they avoid you by keeping the law. Most Dutch people who are stuck abroad are caught with drugs, so avoid mainly drugs. Apart from the fact that the package is high, in some countries you can even get the death penalty (in school the next mop went around: ‘ What did Van Damme in Singapore? Bit around. ‘). But also look out with specific legislation in other countries: in Thailand You can, for example, come into jail if you insult the King (even unintentionally), in Saudi Arabia the same as you get caught with liquor, or think of Otto Warm beer in North Korea.

Second place: the hospital.You never know how the circumstances are and if your insurance does not cover you will have a high account. This is not only true for developing countries, even in European countries you are sometimes taken to expensive private clinics whose treatment is not reimbursed. So get your vaccinations, win medical advice, and avoid circumstances where you can break some or be stung, bitten, punctured etc., do not drink uncooked water from the tap, stick to directions (VNL. related to swimming). As for eating out: Follow the locals, who know just fine where you can eat cheaply and safely.

Furthermore, tourists are an easy prey for crooks and thieves.Let yourself be well informed, keep essential things like wallet and passport on your body and not in a (hand) bag, and be careful if someone just contacts you and don’t let someone just lead you to a restaurant, Tea house, club or bar. Also beware of unknowns and drinks and don’t let your drink alone; There are cases where they do something (often Rohypnol), after which they start working on a quiet place where they can rob you in order to leave you defenseless.

Also don’t do anything that can get you into a dependent or defenseless position.Do so quietly with alcohol.

Stick to clues and warnings, and don’t be opinionated.If there is a sign with ‘ not swimming ‘ then that is often for a reason, if the guide says it is dangerous to go into the jungle only then that has a reason, if the Swiss shut down a ski slope or area because of avalanche danger then they do not do that to bully you.

Leave the Lonely Planet and other popular guides at home.These kind of guides lead you mainly to other tourists and by tourism ruined locations. This is because everyone follows the tips from those travel guides.

Taxis.With public transport you get more in touch with people and I sometimes argue with taxichauffers who decide after the ride that it is more expensive than agreed.

The travel is also not very advisable, you make less sensible choices.

Stay at the place where you stand.

That is simply not going forward.

Grtn, Stign


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