What are the worst experiences you have experienced at an airport?

[“We had to change to a flight to Orlando last year in Detroit, before that we had to go through customs in a narrow hall, where apparently the contents of several planes had to be squeezed through. And for that pressing, a man was in a uniform responsibility who had the whole horde from behind as cattle. In doing so, he screamed ‘ pierced ‘ and many more commands. After a long flight we first wanted to go to the TOILET, so we drove off to the corridor with the toilets. That was our personal attention. That we couldn’t get to the toilets and had to hurry up. We have gone anyway.

“,” I had to pick up a 6-hour flight in Eindhoven (about an hour and a half from my home address).I arrived here nicely two hours before departure, flight was delayed. Finally, the flight left around 12 o’clock in the afternoon. There was a fee so after informing I found out that the fee concerned: one © N voucher for à © à © n Drink! Delicious! I never handed it in because the queue at the bar lasted even longer than waiting for the plane.

“,” I train Mechelen shepherds Belgian ring NVBK.The dogs that do not meet are sold to army and police. After a transatlantic flight we land as the first airplane to be at the airport tomorrow and be surprised with a drug check.

Everyone in a row against the muur” ¦

I look to the right and see the drugshond” ¦

Immediate response.Oh “…

The 2 passengers next to Nij take away…

The Malinois comes to me…

Looks up…

And sits down.

On which the agent kindly asks me to join him.

In a large empty office he asks me if I know why the Malinois is sitting In front of me.

My answer was that I knew it but he didn’t.

Error response.

I was promoted directly to the largest drug dealer in the west

Then explained that I have trained that dog and that he recognizes me as his boss.

Needless to say that this was not believed so I suggested a trial.The agent on one side of the office and I on the other with the dog between us. The person who can call the dog is his boss

So said so done

The agent calls the dog

Dog looks at me

I nod

And the dog goes to his happy boss

This looks to me greinzend…

On which I make a click Sound and vroom the Malinois sits next to me.

As a result an agent that is even more irited and I get the full layer over me inclussive internal research.

When I finally get released I see in the HAL Mr. Agent with his dog.

Payback Time” ¦

I crossed it and when I was next to him it was simply said “little boy’s Foot”.

What then followed was hilarious

Little guy who successor the command…

And Naadt I wandered…

And an agent who fetert that I have to give back his dog.

To which I simply replied that I did not TV that dog but that he TV the line

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