What are the things that you should never sacrifice for a relationship?

-Your own value

-Your friends: People come and you go, but you need 1 or two best friends.

-Your training: Do not Stop your training for another, you will regret it.If necessary, continue it elsewhere.

-Your freedom: Always keep some of your activities independent of each other (sports, a getaway with a friend

-Your child.If you already have a child from a previous relationship, your new partner will have to accept your child (Eren).

Each other and yourself

Moreover, it depends on your own loadability, motivation and personality which brings you acceptable sacrifices.The only commandment is love for me, and that brings both responsibility and freedom with them. Give the best of yourself but try not to pretend to be more or be, you will get problems. I could have better slats.

Any relationship you change, that can be both positive and negative.But you shouldn’t try to change each other or adapt, unless that’s a natural process. A good starting point is: Can I accept and love the other if this person will never change much more. If not, you have to be very careful to step into a relationship.

It also has to do with expectations and boundaries.If I am in a coma or a castle with an accident or illness behind geraniums, do I want the partner to remain faithful to me? Yes and No. A regular visit and perhaps some basic care at most. But I would award her to find a new love and equal relationship. And good sex.

And yes: For me as a Christian, divine faithfulness is a higher law than marital loyalty.Love means that you want to do one another and not impose an unnecessary claim on the life of the other. But being authentic also means that you can choose your way. In love, you may choose to stay with someone who is heavily in need of care. But that’s not a moetje.

Examples of contextual love as a commandment

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Your intellect.

Sacrificing means that you don’t really want to do it, but you do it for reasons of external reason.
You may not sacrifice anything, even for a relationship.
You have to do things that you are convinced of, which can also hurt and be against your mind, but not against your heart.

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