What are the signs that your job is toxic to you?

Will I continue to work here for years or do I choose to look for another job? It is a question that many people ask themselves.

Dissatisfaction at work can have different causes.But when is it time to look out for something else?

It is healthy anyway to regularly evaluate your career: Are you satisfied with the function you have now?Or can it be better?

These seven signals indicate that you are facing a new challenge.

1.You have changed yourself

Guy started as a laborant at his 24th.But in the meantime he has children, he has developed other interests and has adjusted his ambitions. The multinational where he works was a perfect match when he started working there, but meanwhile he has grown the corporate culture for a long time.

People are changing once.And if your job or organization doesn’t change… Then it’s time for something new.

2.You have too much stress through your work

A little healthy stress every now and then is not a bad thing.

But if you walk on eggs every day or are on the verge of eruping, then you should think carefully whether you are holding this out.

3.You don’t feel appreciated

My boss is a real slave tracker,” sighs Joris, “he bursts out regularly and, moreover, he only emphasizes the mistakes I make.Meanwhile, I also do the work of my colleague who left, but never shows appreciation. I have been trying to explain to him carefully that I also like to get feedback on what I do well, but that doesn’t matter. “

If you work the legs under your body and you do not get recognition, then there is a problem.


You learn nothing new at

It’s been years since I could still follow an education,” sues Lena, “and it doesn’t look like I’ll soon get opportunities to grow further.” She has already made a PhD and learned everything there was to learn, but now it’s up.

Lack of future prospects is definitely a reason to make the leap to something new.

5.You don’t deserve enough

Are you not satisfied with your wages or fringe benefits at all?And is your current employer not talking about it? Then a new job will offer you the opportunity to negotiate your salary.

6.You’re sitting on a sinking ship

Mark: “because of the savings, many jobs have been killed with us.I myself have remained spared in the past resignation rounds. But I do feel the uncertainty constantly. And that is not plezant. “

Is it not good in your organisation?Do you suspect that they will finally close the books soon? Then avoid the black hole by now looking for something new. Because once your seat is pulled from underneath you, and then it might be too late for a plan B.

7.You’re just tired

Every day I reluctantly drag me to work,” Rika admits, “I count the hours until I can go home again.Worse is that I started barking colleagues and clients and made some professional mistakes. ” For Rika It’s clear time for what’s different.

Because you drag every day to work, there is no viable situation.Does that sound familiar to you too? Then it is high time to find a new challenge.

Finally, you spend a large part of your life on the shop floor. That’s why it’s really important that you do something you love to do.

Job fatigue does not necessarily have to be a negative story. You can also take advantage of a new start and find a job that suits you better.

If you sleep badly.

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