What are the most strategic places on earth should it come to a World war?

Suez Canal, Panama Canal, Bosphorus, Straits of Malacca, Strait of Gibraltar, Barents Sea, Strait of Taiwan, Incheon, Ras Al Khafji, Khyberpas, Siliguri, Sudovia, Iași

When it comes to a World war, there are no more strategic places left to fight before.

Now that both America and Russia have terminated the agreement so difficult in the 1980s, one push of the button is enough to destroy the world.In that light seen is the most strategic place somewhere in space, seems to me. That said, not everyone will qualify for a space trip…

Tricky, because then I have to predict who is doing it.Keep in mind that although we have only two world wars appointed as such, there have been several world-wide wars that have only not been labelled as such. And given the many conflicts around the world at this time where the United Nations is involved, you could argue that a world war has long been underway.

The strategic places will be the places where conflicts are actually already in place.That is the Middle East with Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia as the largest participants. Russia, the US and Europe will certainly be involved. There is a possible conflict between India and Pakistan, even though it seems to be falling. China is active in the South Chinese Sea and it is unpredictable whether they are willing to fight for commodities in that area. But that too would involve Europe and the US in the conflict. Africa currently has all the necessary conflicts going on, including the unstable Libya and Egypt, but also Mali, Somalie and several other countries. In South America, Venezuela can start doing crazy things like a military attack on the Antilles. NATO will be involved again. And Argentina still wants to take over the Falkland islands of the British.

And then the political situation in the US is also a potential kruidvat.The elections in 2020 can be completely out of hand and the USA is already involved in many places on this planet in various conflicts…

So what will be the most strategic places?In any case, any area that is still rich in raw materials. For this reason, Europe is not so interesting anymore because many commodities have already been won, so the yields are not so high. The next World War could only take place outside Europe, although Europe can be involved.

But locations with a lot of oil are interesting and that is currently mainly Africa, where people are now looking for new sources while elsewhere the sources are slowly getting empty.Food could be a problem but will rather result in migration of large groups and the extinction of certain species of animals that are going to be hunting for their flesh. Fresh drinking water will also be important because many countries are also going to curb rivers to generate energy. That is going to pose conflicts. But the question is whether a new conflict is really a World war…

Because during WWI and WWII, Europe had several colonies around the world and they were all involved in the struggle in Europe.Nowadays, these are virtually all independent and do not attract any conflict in Europe.

Yes can only determine a strategy if you also tell what your ultimate goal is.

  • Survive?
  • Defeat the enemy?
  • Building a new civilization?
  • Etc.

For every purpose you also have other ‘ strategic ‘ places.

That depends strongly on the countries that actively participate.

Classic strategic oleks are straits, large airfields, nuclear power stations and other sources of power, large concentrations of population; Cities, storage places of weapons, large ports, deep inland navigable rivers.Mines and oil wells. Drinking water reserves.

A modern strategic target is the Internet.The control of a lot of infrastructure runs over the Internet. Datacentres can be important targets.

Oil fields such as the Middle East or Alaska.So-called “choke points” such as Gibraltar will be very important.

Greenland and Antartica in my vision.This for the simple reason that the ice will melt in an atomic war. You are far enough away from all the bombs and after the war you probably have the most chance of survival.

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