What are the most important things to know, before you adopt a cat, if you have no experience with pets?

That a cat is NOT a distant animal that hangs around and is available to you when it comes out.And that they have claws and teeth, which they use as a kitten when it comes to hum. For climbing on your legs for example. Cats can be very sweet, but there is also some wild animal in it. And you have to love that.

The most important thing to know is that you can only adopt people.The page for page | Scholieren.com teaches you that:

The word adoption comes from the Latin word adoptare, which means accepting as a child.

In adoption , a child is included in the family by people who are not natural parents.They become the legal parents, which means that the child is given the same rights as a biological child.

As you can see, adoption does not apply to pets.But yes, you can ask as Quora translator of course not know.

An animal is a responsibility.You are the one responsible for his happiness and health. So you have to be able and want to take care of it throughout his life (15 to 20 years).

Cats only hunt life in groups.A cat is a social animal and cannot be left alone all day. If you work all day, you better take 2 at once that are already boyfriends. Cats are affectionate and one-kengy, if you want to go on vacation regularly, think about it.

In The shelter there are more couples who like to be together.Kittens ask a lot of attention and demolish everything. If you take adult cats you can better estimate the character, they are often quieter and the band with another cat is already formed (kittens can not always get along well when they mature).

Of course the care: Good food, veterinarian (transporter needed), regular brushing, flea droplets, deworms, dental care, at least 2x a day litter box (if you don’t want to have gravel throughout your room, I recommend the Peewee with Wood grains, is also better for the cat because no dust).

Always hairs on your clothes, of which sticky brushes are essential.I also always sit under the crabs on my hands. (Those two things you recognize most cat owners)

And attaches just too much to your stuff.:)

That little of me hangs in the curtains and runs over the curtain rails.I have a fabric bench and it is scratched all the way to Gort (but I find dust finer than leather), despite the 1.90 MTR High cat tree and 4 crab boards. He also fails his toys in his water box and then sometimes drags the half house. I have to put cups in the closet, otherwise they are thrown from the kitchen counter. And so every cat has its own peculiarities.

Oh Yeah, quiet food you can also forget hahaha

Most importantly, you love your cats and you find it more enjoyable to live together than without.

I also had dogs (boerboels) and if they were shaking with their head, the Kwhile were walking up to one and a half meters high in the round.Animals are nothing for cleaning phobic people.

I don’t bother and find animals great.I am very happy with my two plume bulbs and can not imagine a life without animals.

YouTube tip: Cole and Marmalade and the Helpful Vancouver bold.

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