What are the most dark historical events that little is known about?

For the alternation once an Asian genocide, with the support of the American CIA and British MI6 very well planned large-scale massacre in Indonesia, 1965 – 1966, after a failed coup d’état on 30 September 1965, attributed to the Indonesian Communist Party, whereby between 500.000 (estimation of the following President Sukarno) and 3 million (the number that the general Sarwo Edhie, the general who led the cleaning actions on Java, would have mentioned on his deathbed) most Innocent without form of process by militias who were given the support of the military or immediately by village (the women and girls often after being raped first, according to the story of the perpetrators in the film the Act of Killing, see below) were murdered, or after ” Questioning “were still put to death, see Indonesian State responsible for genocide 1965-1966 and US supported the genocide of 1965 in Indonesia

Shortly after this photograph, these Indonesians were killed and buried immediately (The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus)

At the request of the then perpetrators (!!), the American-British filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer-imdb made an oppreding documentary about it, the Act of Killing (2012)-IMDb, for people WHO have an Indonesian IP address free on The Act of Killing to stream and view.

Also via the well known P2P websites (also the director’s Cut that I have seen) illegally download, at Amazon Germany for $8.04 for sale (excl. Shipping costs) Amazon.de: Joshua Oppenheimer: DVD & Blu-ray , I found it very very good, though I was while seeing the movie (in the Amsterdam Eye, it has never taken the big movie theaters) cold and inconvenient.Also a prosecuted: The Look of Silence (2014)-IMDb I still have to see this.

In comparison, the Khmer Rouge of Pol Pot and its people have been killed in Cambodia in almost 4 years between 1.7 and 2 million, this is known worldwide.

The Indonesian genocide was swept under the carpet by the Western powers, most Westerners have never heard of it.”One” was then too pleased that this great se Asian country had not fallen into the hands of the kommunists (this was in the beginning of the Vietnam War), the general who seized power after the failed coup, General Suharto, became in 1968 the second President of the Repub Lik Indonesia, the Western powers have the government of this mass murderer with billions of dollars rocks, and passant has Suharto himself in the 30 years that he was in power (he fell in 1998, after the CIA intros their support for him) his family with 35 billion US D Ollars (contemporary rumors speak or 72 billion US dollars) enriched by corruption see How did Suharto steal $35 billion?.

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