What are the disadvantages of working at home?

Working at home has a lot of advantages, but it also has some drawbacks.The most important are the possible lack of social contact and a lack of demarcation of work, or separation between work and private.

Because of these factors, some people choose not to work too often from home, or to work from a coworking space, to obtain a certain demarcation and a certain form of social contact.

Depending on the work you do, the lack of efficient communication can also be a problem.E-mail, telephone, Slack, etc. are natural good tools, but there is nothing as efficient as the person who is right in front of you to be able to appeal directly.

Although I am an absolute fan of working at home, this way of working also brings with it challenges again.I work at least one day a week from home and have the following points of attention:

  1. You’re NOT home: Being at home is a Flemish synonym for leave.

So this is definitely not the case when working at home. Make this for yourself and certainly also for your roommates from the start clear. Are you going to a party on Wednesday afternoon? Bad idea in my opinion, the energy I need to go to work again is simply too big.

  • The neighborhood is alive, even during office hours: Although you may think that everything and everyone just like you go to the office, you quickly learn that a lot is happening during the day.
  • That’s why I have my Home office in a room where only a skylight sits. That way I avoid dreaming away from a neighbor who is planting new flowers, supplying a large, mysterious suit or the story behind the shutters that don’t go up on the other side. During the work you don’t have to see those things. Unfortunately, the sounds like a barking dog or lawn mower have to be included.

  • When do we start?
  • That was initially a difficult question. Although you can maintain office hours, I noticed the lack of social control to start right on time. And 5 minutes were soon a quarter… I have been able to get rid of this by re-doing the children to school on the home working day. When I get home again, I do like I’m coming to the office. Straight to the workplace, laptop startup, meanwhile a coffee and then get started.

  • Where is that dossier?
  • Annoying if the answer is “not here”. Luckily, modern resources have ensured that a lot of info is available everywhere. However, keep in mind a slow VPN connection if you need to get traffic jams from the corporate server. The reverse also happens faster than you think, especially when the info at first sight doesn’t seem important. A quick doodle will leave you a little bit easier at home, then the next day but not on that little idea that stands on it.

  • The “I called you” Note: Colleagues are apparently more difficult with missed calls when they know you’re working at home.
  • Sometimes I am so concentrated that the phone is not answered, that seems to me normal. But when I’m in the office, I often hear: “Why doesn’t x answer? He works from home, for sure? This is very dependent on the person and the type of work.Of course, as a garbage man you can not work at home. The disadvantage is that you can not get the bins to the car. If the big car ever remains radio controlled, the story will be different.

    Disadvantages of working at home in an office environment is generally connected with the requirements to the whole: good Internet connection at home, good connection at work.The right software at work, the right software at home. Working environment at home, sufficient light and so on. But especially what kind of person are you. You can work independently without control and lend the work you do, for sure.

    A2A.C茅line, the facilities, required self-discipline and longer communication duration are detrimental.

    Example of the latter: a contract for which you work at home can suddenly be dissolved, which you will learn later than at work.

    Working from home I personally have no experience with it, this has to do with the type of work I have done in the past.Presence I work in an office and I can actually only see benefits.

    Today If I am asked if I want to work at home then I say without thinking, yes gladly.

    The biggest drawback I find is that private and work are intertwined.My office is behind our kitchen, so it’s very easy to ‘ even ‘ get some work. That is easy, but it can also be a disadvantage.

    That you have to work I find no problem.We all need to work. Anyhow, it should be. Otherwise they will not come. Where do we not come? In life. The word says it yourself. Working at home. Studying is similar. I would not find that great, because I have seen it once. Been there, done that. What would annoy me instant; You are at home anytime, anywhere.All facts, you know. You cannot deny that. I used to hang out in the pub rather than immediately right home after school hours.

    I would walk on the walls.5/5 and 24/24, unless one has a hobbies with which one can still maintain a fresh head. A burnout is never far away. It might be a bit exaggerated, but in my case it is even the real threat that I would in the long term sell my house. I would have looked forward to that. When someone tells me he’s working at home, I have to laugh at it. And Hup, there flies a bird over again. Oops, the cat needs attention again. You understand that I viseer concentration.

    Thirdly, the world is running, the society is active, the man in the street in trade and walking.Well, that does not help your cause. You sit there, while that is considered normal on the shop floor. I believe this is going to irritate quickly. No social contact, and in particular face-to-face is the biggest obstacle. A problem that in itself shows up daily in our activities on the smartphone. Unless your spouse also works or sits at home. This is another person on whom you have long been looking forward over time. Work or no work. What remains to be left? The absence of all these factors would make me mad. It wouldn’t take long. Luckily I can say that I’m going to work.

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