What are the disadvantages of having children at a later age? Would you advise people?

What do you think “later age”?

People think that at age you are physically less fit against the physical demands of children, that it does not suit that life phase.

The benefits are that you consciously start to children, are spiritually riper so that you can often better educate the child, and thus consciously put more time into your children.To be a good parent you don’t have to go with their footballs or so.

We were both 34 years old when our first child was born.Nice time, despite my working weeks from 70 to 80 hours a week, and often night and weekend services running, heard at my profession. When our youngest was born, we were 38 years old, we deliberately let many social obligations sail to allow more time in both children whose “clocks” were not synchronized, so much at home, not to parties, less visiting etc. Was not heavy, we had a lot of fun for many years without children, perhaps if we had been 15 years younger.

When our youngest two years old we went with us celebrating again especially in France on holiday, always seeing things, not being lazy on the beach.When we suggested them a week just to do nothing, read under a tree, they go swimming or so it was immediately tuned: a half day swim etc. was fine, but afterwards the other half day seeing things, mostly ruins, beautiful Gothic cathedrals, also simple Romanesque churches en route to Santiago de Compostela, forts, castles, medieval towns, beautiful flowered villages, etc. See.

Our children were born when I was 31 and 36 years old.That was 25 -30 years ago. As far as I have been concerned, it had a little earlier, but you did not have everything in your hand in life. Since that time, there has been a strong tendency to become parents in older age. I do understand the considerations. Most of them are forced to work for a desired income that is needed to build a family at this time. In addition, it is important that the woman also has the opportunity to put her career well on track before the first pregnancy. In doing so, it is desirable to invest enough time in the parents ‘ relationship before children come.

The other side of the coin is that developments in society, for example in technological and labour social aspects, but also socially and politically, are increasingly accelerating.Moreover, the pressure towards efficiency, speed and higher complexity at work has increased enormously for everyone. This often also means working longer, but also more tired after work and less flexibility.

In later age, I’m 63 and notice it well since passing the 60, take the resilience and ability the things you want and or should do in the time available for it quickly.

That is why I am personally convinced that a staggered balance must be struck between not too early, but certainly not too late to start working towards getting children.In addition, I find the upper limit of the 40 rather than around 45.

In all this, I have yet to take into account the great uncertainty of the future retirement age and financial allowance.