What are the disadvantages of a ceramic hob?

Oh Heaven, don’t break me open the jaw!

What a rotding.What an incredible klotemanier of cooking. No, really. DO NOT.

The most important drawback is that the temperature is incredibly difficult to regulate. The eye becomes as hot as you set, but if you then turn the temperature down, it takes a long time before the eye is actually low. It also takes quite a long time before an eye gets well warm.

I HATE it.I find it really terrible. I can’t wait until I can just cook on gas again, although induction cooking is also very well-regarded. I have never done that myself, but my son is very talking about it.

Really, don’t.If you want to buy something new and do not want to cook gas, take an induction plate.

They react slower-if you put them on then it takes a while to become hot, and if you put them out then it takes a while to cool off again.In my experience that gets used. If you can think 30 seconds ahead then it’s not a problem.

Your pans should be flat from below to make good contact.With good quality pans that is usually no problem, unless you heat them over then vorden them sometimes crooked and then you can no longer use them. If you have cheap pans full of dents and bumps then they don’t carry about any heat. With gas that does not matter-the gas itself forms around the pan.

If you leave something about cooking then it actually burns on, but cleaning is not too difficult.I use a dollop of soap for a dishwasher machine with a cotton rag, and some boiling water over it. The rag keeps the surface wet so that the soap has time to do its job. You can also put the plate at its lowest position so that it stays hot. Then after an hour turn the rag around once and some water at it. Then you’ll be there. All in all 1 鈧?”2 minutes of work, in my experience no more than with a gas cooker or electric spirals.

Gas can be hotter than electric.If you want to scorch something, you can buy the best heavy cast iron pans. You can put it on high for a few minutes so that they become quite hot. My wife had to let go too far and when she poured oil into the pan she promptly had the flame in it, so electric can definitely be hot too. But less/less fast, especially compared to a professional gas cooker.

A big advantage of electric cooking is also that you get considerably less moisture in the house.We used to have a gas cooker and always suffered from mold on the ceiling because you get gas so much water (sure of a gas furnace)

My opinion: Earlier when those ceramic plates were very expensive I would not have the money for it.But now they’re similar or even lower in price it’s definitely worth it.

We have this.Normally $700 but we bought it on sale for something from $500.


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