What are the different goals of money?

Without money you could only do bartering.But if you happen to have no interesting stuff for the butcher, you can’t buy meat.

Money made everything removable.

Another feature is that it is easy to move in time and location.

Moving Value: Location: Sell your house here and buy another one for that money in Spain.With swapping it might not. Spaniards have had bad experiences here in the past centuries.
Or sell in your hometown something and buy it in a place further away what else.Then you don’t have to hold your belongings there. Just some money in your pocket. Or your debit card nowadays.

Moving value: Time: Sell something now and put it on the couch or put it under your pillow.And buy something when you’re older. Save now for your retirement.

The money is therefore the lubricating oil of all the economic (value-creating) activities of man.I would not reject it, as some people think they should, but beware that you will not be on focused either. It remains a tool, not an end in itself.

To make it work properly you have to trusta country’s money.It is also often called fiduciary money.It used to have just the value of the material it was made from. With a stamp of authenticity of the state. That is currency money. That value has not long been the currency itself, the State guarantees the value.

With electronic versions of Money, like the Bitcoin, confidence is better settled again, you just have to trust the technique (which is very good, better than the techniques of ordinary money, fraud is simply technically impossible.)

Once we have 鈧?虄trust鈩?in the sense that it has become a habit to work with something like Bitcoins, then the banking world is still waiting.We then have a world currency that is many times cheaper to process, and move, than just money. Even much cheaper than banking electronic euros or dollars.
If funding opportunities for businesses and individuals become easier and more common (as the coin offerings are already often), then it goes very hard.

There are already coins that guaranteed are linked to the Dollar.If its use erupts, also with Euros, then the confidence we have now in the normal coins has just moved and transferred to the Bitcoin versions.

Bankers can already request the LOI retraining courses Street maker or bus driver.Or Think OF better services that will be needed in the coinage.Just money traffic and borrowing/saving is then regulated by Safe anonymous technique, no more by institutes like banks.

PS: I would not do that course bus driver anyway.Those things are driving themselves in a few years. So the bankers are really heavy, you would almost get pity….

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