What are the causes behind the growth of the use of crystal meth in Amsterdam? How could this have been prevented?

Methamphetamine is very low in the Netherlands.I myself have had 3x a client in the last 15 years who sought help for addiction to methamphetamine, including 1 Thai woman who used Yaba and 1 Czech man. But my work area is outside the Randstad and methamphetamine is a very recent addition to the palette of available drugs in the Netherlands.

Until a few years ago, the use of methamphetamine in Europe was mainly limited to the Czech Republic.The Czech Republic is still by far the largest producer of methamphetamine in Europe. In recent years, the use of methamphetamine has been slow to via Germany, towards Limburg and then to the rest of the Netherlands.

Methamphetamine is currently getting little foot on the ground in the Netherlands.This has several causes. First, the Netherlands is a country which, with the exception of methamphetamine, actually produces or extracts all other drugs themselves. MDMA, amphetamine and cannabis are produced here and cocaine and heroin enter through the two largest ports in Europe: Rotterdam and Antwerp. This means that we are close to the source here in the Netherlands, so that the drugs already available are barely cut and correspondingly very cheap. The farther from the source, the more middlemen. And every intermediary must make a profit which is achieved by cutting drugs and making them more expensive. Thus, the Netherlands has very good quality drugs and a wide availability compared to many other countries in the world, so there is less market for new drugs such as methamphetamine. In addition, it seems that the current crime organisations prefer the production of traditional drugs and competition by new organisations to be given little opportunity to settle in the Netherlands.

But since a year or three, methamphetamine is also more common in the Netherlands.When introducing new drugs, you see that there are often certain subgroups where the drug is used, while in the rest of society it is not or hardly present.

It is well known that newer resources are also particularly popular among certain groupings.For example, at GHB, this is the swingers scene and the gay scene in the Randstad. While GHB outside the Randstad is used precisely in some specific regions of small, traditionally very poor, villages. These are very specific subgroups that are completely separated. Users outside of these groups will often not come into contact with the means by which the number of addicts is limited, despite the fact that the drug has spread throughout the country over the last few decades.

In the case of methamphetamine, this is also so. Methamphetamine in the Netherlands is known to be used especially within the gay scene.Amsterdam has a more prominent gay scene than many other cities, villages or regions in the Netherlands. Here, for example, methamphetamine is used to allow longer sex parties to continue. Outside of this subgroup methamphetamine use hardly takes place. Doubling usage by a very small group of users still remains a very small group of users. Doubling sounds dramatic but is still minimal in actual numbers.

So far there are no signs that methamphetamine gets on the ground in the rest of the Netherlands.This is partly because methamphetamine is expensive in the Netherlands, partly because it is not yet used in many circles. For a gram you paid in 2016 approximately between 100 and 200 euros. The price has now fallen slightly in probability. By comparison: a gram cocaine costs between 35 to 65 Euro and amphetamine around 15 euros. Both cocaine and amphetamines are widely available and accessible in the Netherlands. Because of this, there is no reason to assume at this time that methamphetamine use will become problematic on a large scale. Methamphetamine currently fills a very limited niche and there are significantly cheaper and good quality drugs available in the Netherlands, which will not allow users to quickly choose methamphetamine. Only when the price goes down due to larger production and supply will methamphetamine really become a problem in the Netherlands.

If you go from 1 to 2 you have a doubling, but if you compare such a growth with a growth of 30 to 33 (10%) Then it falls slightly more in perspective.

Methamphetamine is relatively unknown in the Netherlands.
I know it from two sources: the horror stories from the United States, and the use of Yaba in Thailand.

My wife is of Thai descent and follows the Thai News daily. Relative drug seizures and with it often Yaba occur regularly. I get the impression that there is a small group of problem users, but many users are people who want to skip a night’s sleep due to circumstances is my impression.

When we project this to the Netherlands I see that the use of XTC (MDMA) and cocaine have a similar effect.These drugs are relatively easy and inexpensive to get, methamphetamine seems to be more difficult to obtain and with it probably also more expensive (and with that I start some Google queries with which I leave all alarm bells off: Meth Prices-Havocscope Black Market seems to confirm my suspicion, but I don’t know how reliable the data is).

We can really prevent this kidney.There is a means which “helps” at a certain need, and as long as that need exists people continue to use. It becomes a problem only when drugs are frequently used and lead to addiction.

What I have understood from an addiction expert I spoke years ago is that many drugs mimic the production of specific hormones, which results in a certain effect.However, in some drugs this results in the body stopping the production of the hormones, which takes place after the drug use a dip due to the lack of the hormone in the brain. As a result, people are going to use more, with which the addiction is established and remains. I do not know to what extent this is the case with methamphetamine, and with it how addictive the medicine really is in “recreational use”.
And with that a new question is Born: How addictive is methamphetamine?

Ultimately, that is important: if a drug is very addictive, then this is a very different problem as a drug where people are reasonably easy from steps as long as there are no underlying problems (flight behaviour by drug use).

Not a clue I’ve stopped selling.Also don’t Snap why you would use that. I mean speed is still best to do the classic amphetamine as it were. There you can still do a line or 2 of sniffing not super healthy and your sleep can say goodbye. If you want something different then just smoke coke or so.

Seems wiser like that superspeed.Not that I’m in favor of Coke smoking. But there are fewer dangers. Myself never smoked coke I also do not intend. But that is not as bad as it is a bit reasonable coke if you are unlucky you throw a pack of lidocaine after Binne or baby laxative.

I found Coke smoking something for junkies.I had a wanderer who lived in a boat in front of the door that smoked it though when I was smoking at Ehm me join. I adapted kindly for that. Will be coming again by those stupid American tourists. Ruin everything. Dutch government is stupid. All the drugs problem could have been solved for a long time with a policy like Portugal.

What would be even better is just legalizing it completely.Also just with weed throw tax on it. Hard drugs just let them buy at the pharmacy made in a lab. You also have no more crime. Preventing drug use is difficult because yes there are sat curious teenagers.

Problem is that it is so demonized.You better be well informed and well tell how it works. Testing that it is good. Kloterige was that PMA when that looks like MDMA and is cheaper but there you go out of the pipe if you take too much. I don’t know what the adolescents are using now.

I used myself a lot of MDMA occasionally some speedcoke more often.Blowed a lot. So around me 20th laughing gas but dats really mess. Ketamine 3 times done veelste much lag with me head on me ex her bed k hole was so cunt. Two times LSD I do not like psychiatridelica because I become too blurry of it. Happened too much touch overloaded. Very nice that I margareten the clairvoyant clearhearing and clairfeeling of word but eh the after trail is too violent. I get psychotic from it because I can’t let it go and I’m bad in Earths.

Possible by the much higher number of tourists than in the other cities mentioned in the article. If the foregoing is true, a higher tourist tax might just help something, but I fear if a drop is on a glowing plate.

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