What are the biggest differences between how introvert people experience life and how to experience extra verten?

The decisive difference is that introvert people find peace in being alone and that extroverted people find peace in companionship.

To be able to answer this question properly, we will have to look at the definition of ‘ introvert people ‘ and ‘ extrovert people ‘, and where this is coming from.It is good to remember that ‘ intro version ‘ and ‘ extra version ‘ are indications for consciousness institutions, which are part of the personality (according to theories from psychology). What in essence can answer your question, as consciousness institutions say something about how a person experiences ‘ life ‘.

So in short:

The introvert

An introvert person experiences the world through a filter of the inner perception and then agrees to act on it. At an introvert institution the energy is directed inward, on its own thoughts and feelings.Introvert people are extracting energy from themselves by focusing on the inner perception and consideration.

Introvert people process precise and focused information, which arises in more descriptive, concrete language.An introvert person thinks well before he or she says something. This also applies to slower speaking, more frequent pauses and more precise formulation and objective and accurate descriptions

Introvert properties: Quiet, thoughtful, modest, patient, devoted, analytical, careful, disciplined, good listener

The extroverted

For an extroverted man, the outside world is the yardstick for what he experiences, decides and does.In an extra-distant setting, the energy is directed outwards, on people, activities and things. Extrovert people, through their orientation to the outside world, get energy from interacting with others. Extrovert people talk about what they are dealing with, by talking they organize their thoughts.

Extrovert people process information in a more more global way. The looser way of looking at the world hangs together with a greater degree of own interpretation.Extrovert people are quicker and react in a conversation and write compelling, but they take it less closely with the facts. Extrovert people are energetic, enthusiastic, action-oriented, talkative and assertive. They find it finer to be together with other people than to be alone.

Extrovert properties: Enthusiastic, candid, spontaneous, natural talkers, vivid, confident, decisive, initiative-rich

Conductive scale

Most people have both extrovert and introvert, depending on the situation and the company in which they are, their health, their general energy level and their age.Therefore, in personality psychology, usually a sliding scale (or dimension) is spoken with two poles, introvert and Extravert.

The biggest difference

From my personal experience, the biggest noticeable difference is finding out how both relax and ‘ recharge ‘.

The introvert is more likely to be found at home with a good book, a game, a handful of close friends, the painting, design or whatever that requires little social interaction, since that is what the introvert costs energy.

The extroverted, on the other hand, is more inclined to seek companionship to relax, and to share what is in them at that time, so as to put their minds in order.

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