What are the best ways to make money while you’re traveling around the world?

A good way can be the “TEachers of English to Speakers or Other Languages” (TESOL) Or “teaching English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL).

The conditions are often having a bachelor’s degree and, regrettably, being a native speaker.So in some cases you may be able to speak perfect English, but you can still be refused because you are not from the United States of America or Great Britain.

Incidentally, I think it’s an advantage to have English as a second language, because you know the language from the perspective of your prospective students.I think I could give lesson English much easier than teaching Dutch, because I’ve never really learned Dutch and are not familiar with how non-native speakers learn Dutch. Regrettably, this is an argument that is not often accepted.

There is also often a demand for experience as a teacher.You can partially collect this by a certificate. One of the best and most respected certificates is the CELTA, the Certificate in English LAnguage Teaching to Adults.You can either follow a course in the Netherlands or in Belgium, or spread over a longer period, or very intensively within one month, which then results in obtaining that certificate. Of course you have to speak and write English very well before you can start this course. That course costs some money, about 1500EUR, but you probably deserve it on a few months back.

The working conditions differ enormously.In Some countries you work a limited number of hours and you earn well the cost; In other countries, you hardly earn more than what you need to survive. Of course, the better paying countries are also more selective and it becomes more difficult for someone from the Netherlands or Belgium to be hired.

I wouldn’t see the TEFL/TESOL system as the best way to make money, but rather as ‘ immersive travelling ‘ where you also earn some money or at least not cost you money.

There are a lot of them but I just mention one: Cambly.

An online platform where people who want to learn English come to talk to you.No curriculum or anything like that, just have a conversation with each other about whatever you want.

An important criterion here is that you speak good English, but unlike many other platforms, you don’t have to be a native speaker or have qualifications.Everyone can register.

Once you are hired you can basically work wherever you want, whenever you want.You can indicate yourself per day if and when you want to work, and that can be adjusted up to 24 hours in advance without any consequences.

It deserves $10 per hour.That may seem little but if you want to travel mainly in third world countries you can easily keep up with it.

I’ve had very nice, interesting conversations with people from all over the world.Working on Cambly feels totally not like work, I would recommend it to anyone.

I know quite coincidentally that NZ and Austalie provide a special (work) visa that is suitable for working for a very short term.Many backpackers make use of this. Usually it is to pick fruit. Or other countries do not know this, but I would try to look up this kind of information on the immigration site of that particular country. If you want to work as a foreigner in a country, you need a work visa/permit, namely. Unless you are looking for work as a Dutchman in the EU

That depends a lot on your experience and your skillset.

There is a lot of work that you can do remotely-teaching English, but also blogging, content writing for others, online marketing, programming, these are the typical examples.

I work as a ‘ virtual CFO ‘ as a remote financial advisor-have lived in China for the past 8 years and sit (for now) in Thailand.But my clients are mainly in Europe, so as long as I am a part of the European business Day online This can be fine remotely.

So the question is: What are you good at, and how can you regulate it so that you can do it remotely?

Vice versa.Plan the world travel around to make money.

English lesson.I did that in Tokyo at two clubs. The goal is to get the students to talk, because they have learned English but less practiced. On one of my clubs I told too much about my empathy, that I came from NL. Then the students at the school complained that I was not a native speaker, and then resigned. (I live since I was 11 in England and VSA, and am now 72., and can pass as a native.)

Maybe life as a Digital nomad is something for you?

The best advice I can give you after more than 12 years of experience with online marketing is:

Work according to a plan in which you work step by step towards your final goal.And if you’re not familiar with this, read on below.

I will give a practical example of how simple it is to earn a good income without any knowledge or experience.

I myself call it a blueprint, but it means the same!If you follow my blueprint and are willing to invest a maximum of 2 hours of your life, it may change your life.

Step 1

Think of an idea or earning model that you want to earn money from.Think of hobbies or activities you like.

As an example I will call Affiliate marketing monetize send email, no this is not spam!And I choose this because I know it works.

Step 2

Describe step by step how you want to accomplish this just as I do here now.

Step 3

Go to this website create a new account here and follow the instructions on how to get the most returns from sending an email.

If you ever send a friend or colleague a mail and you are still willing to spend up to 2 hours (of which about 1 hour watching video instructions) of your time then you are ready to change your life drastically.

Step 4

Send your first email as explained in the instructions.

Step 5

Wait 24 hours and send another email.

Step 6

Repeat what you did in step 5 every 24 hours.

As simple as I describe it, it really is.

You have nothing to lose and just win!

Watch the video here

I hope I have brought you to a good idea, success!

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