What are the best investments to make short term profit (5-10 years)?

I do not see “making profits” as an investment objective.You want to achieve a determined goal and invest (taking risk) is only useful if you cannot achieve the objective without this risk. If you can achieve your goal with 10 years of savings, why invest and run the risk of not taking your goal after 10 years?

So the question is: how sure you want to be that you can realise your goal after 10 years, given that you cannot achieve this objective without investment.And how big is the gap between what you can get with savings and what you actually need?

Based on the gap between saving and goal, we can determine how much return you need, absolutely and with it every year.And we can also determine whether investments, or combinations of investments, are possible that achieve this with the desired level of assurance.
Supposing you have a 5% return target per year to reach your goal, where you want 80% certainty, then we can look at whether investing in a mix of fixed income (bonds) and stocks fits in here.
If you have a yield target of 15% per year, with a security of 95%, then I can tell you now that there are no investments that fit here.

Because this information is not specified, I can only give some global indications.

  • AAA (triple A) government bonds (and more specifically “Treasury bonds”) are generally considered to be the most risk-free investments.

All other investments have additional risk, which translates into potentially higher returns. If you can achieve your objective with bonds then this is preferable to other forms of investing.

  • Stock supply historically provide a positive return given a horizon of 10 years.
  • A mix of equities and bonds (30 -70/40 -60) is often considered the least risky mix, but may be too defensive for the purpose.
  • If you increase the shares in the portfolio, it increases the possible return, but also the uncertainty.

  • If you have time to deepen yourself in the matter and actively act here, there are opportunities to achieve much higher yields within 10 years.
  • But given the question this does not seem the case.

    So far, two answers have been given to the question, with one real estate and the other bitcoin advising.Both ignore the investment objective and the risk associated with these investments.
    If you want to invest a lot of power, look for a specialist.When it comes to small amounts and you want to run some risk, you can best look at so-called “exchange Traded Funds” (ETFS) which makes investing in bonds and shares possible at a relatively low cost. However, you will have to compose your own mix, and the risk/return is also trapped in this mix.

    I do not give concrete investment advice, for good investment…


    Good investment opportunities with an amount of 5,000-10,000 euros?


    Also small local power generation.

    Market a world currency that is actually covered by valuable raw materials.I am thinking, among other things, of raw materials that will be shortages in the next 10 years, such as raw materials that will be needed in the further developments and expansions in the digital sector. The value of the currency is determined by the weighted average of the value of the raw materials owned by the World Bank issuing the currency. This will then be the only currency on Earth that is not a bubble like all the other currencies. The only stable currency whose value does not depend on emotions but on the fair value. This value will increase considerably as the relevant raw materials become scarcer. Let’s call that coin ‘ the Terra ‘.

    Organic farming.

    Building gigantic solar cell platforms in space.Equipped with robots that can carry out repairs and develop the platforms using materials that are shot from the Earth. The generated energy is sent to the Earth in the form of electromagnetic radiation, where it is captured by dishes. An electromagnetic wavelength is chosen that can pass through a possible cloud deck.

    With the recently developed nano-plastics it becomes real to make a cable to a space station, so that the station can be supplied via a space lift along the cable, etc.

    Moving well

    Bitcoin transactions

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