What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in today?

No cryptocurrency is suitable to invest in.

Crypto currencies are not linked to any good of value and are also not supported by any government.They are almost literally worth what the fool gives and that can be anything. This can be seen in the huge fluctuations that Bitcoin is making, and in addition, we saw the first speculation bubble in bitcoin.

In my opinion, you do not invest in Cryptovluta, it is at best a speculation and at its worst a complete gamble.Incidentally, it is also an idea that is too crazy for words, as a currency serves as a means of exchange, arithmetic and repot. Not only is cryptocurrency here totally unsuitable because it is either too unstable in price, or because it is not yet accepted as a means of payment. It is also barely used as such, the bitcoin is mainly mined and resold and that treadmill only functions if someone is willing to pay for it.

That’s why, if you really want to experiment with it, you don’t have to bet large amounts that you can’t miss.Set a small amount to one or more cryptocurrencies, and don’t look at it for a while. See what the course is doing in the longer term.

If you have no idea of that, I wouldn’t do it.

Delve into it first, decide what ‘ best ‘ means to you , set criteria for it and choose.

First of all, I agree with the other answers that you have to do your homework yourself and never have to go off at random advice from the Internet.

Also, you should never invest in cryptocurrencies anymore than you are willing to lose without getting into trouble.

I do, however, dare to recommend some cryptocurrencies that could be profitable in the long term.

BAT is a cryptocurrency that functions to pay users of the Brave browser for watching advertisements and advertisers paid for advertising on the network.Currently, there are over a million users who are actively surfing with the Brave browser.

Dent is a cryptocurrency that allows users to trade their surplus data from mobile subscriptions and despite some problems with their app has a growing group of users.Dent is dirt cheap at the moment and now the team behind this coin has recently dumped their last stocks on the crypto exchanges to fund the project the price is on the lift.

Iota is a project that focuses on IOT (Internet of things) i.e. every device from your fridge to your clock radio will be connected to each other via the Internet.This project should allow you to lease the computing power of your devices to others. Iota does not work with a blockchain but with the much more scalable Tangle ledger technology.

Enjin is a crypto currency that is used in the gamers community and has recently entered into very interesting partnerships including Samsung who are delivering S10 with a crypto portfolio where this coin can be stored.

Bitcoin itself is also interesting as institutional investors are increasingly interested in it and it acts as a trading couple for other cryptocurrencies.When you want to cashout a altcoin you often do not come under Bitcoin and you will have to exchange the altcoin in question first for BTC. Despite the strongly outdated technology behind Bitcoin and especially, in terms of power costs, expensive consumption of the Bitcoin network, this first cryptocurrency still remains at number one.

Ether is also worth watching as the network of this crypto currency hosts a lot of other cryptocurrencies.At the moment there are some speed problems and also the scalability has to be worked on, however, here will allegedly occur in 2020 solutions.

There are more that are certainly interesting such as Holo, Quark chain, Ziliqua, XRP, NEO and Cardano However, 99% of all altcoins of this moment are really not worth the trouble.

This is not an advice to invest, but advice to take a look at this cryptocurrency and decide for yourself whether you want to put money into it.

Go for a long term, called Hodlen, and do not look daily at the price of the highly volatile market.Keep an eye on the news and rebalance your portfolio every so time, some projects don’t make what they were originally for, new projects could be interesting.

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