What are the advantages or disadvantages of brake shoes/drum brakes compared to brake calipers/disc brakes and visa versa?


First of all, I don’t have to be a mechanic or engineer.It is a reasoning. No calculation. Already a lot of cars and motorcycles Geklu (n) St.

In my opinion, different answers are possible, depending on the end use.

Just as quickly assuming that brake calipers/disc brakes perform superior compared to brake shoe/drum brake, I can imagine that there might be situations where brake shoe/drum brake combination does perform better.Depends on what you want to accomplish and what it should be able to do.

I put that possible situation next to me.

Less quickly, we can find that brake caliper/disc brakes should only have advantages.Otherwise, this combination would not be used so broadly.

Then slowed down to my ample reasoning.I try to put the equation out of one, without explaining any variants of the same system. And there will be more variables to play with than I describe.

Braking or braking is done in both cases by means of friction.In terms of braking power, there is probably not even much difference. The inhibitory interfaces or surface area of the brake pads on the disc in relation to the shoes on the drum wall will not much care in similar situations.

If you draw the same situation and consider that administering that pressure as a rule also works the same or can be arranged, it actually seems best the same.Nie so superior maybe..

Friction creates heat.As a rule: the warmer you brake the worse they work. Money also for both. Why?, maybe another question.

That is where the first difference arises.The system

The place and position of the shoes against an enclosing drum, tends to lock or feature heat.And can lose its heat less quickly during prolonged use, which detracts from any braking path. The open arrangement and position of brake caliper/disc brake make it easier to cool.

Also (my experience in cars) the turning circle of the wall is often smaller.This is for practical reason that this system is usually somewhere in it and does not inhibit directly on your rim. This ‘ inside ‘ work rotates over a certain distance or time, more often around than the diameter of a brake disc. A brake disc, perhaps or not, has more material to brake with.

-If you look at it this way, crazy enough a longer braking;)

Just a trip to not so good to compare situation.See but as overly supportive argument of space you could grab with a brake disc. Brake disc system on an engine by Eric Buell. The XB12s for example. Replacing this example for shoe/wall to match diameter is extremely impractical.

Then the word is impractical.The system shoe/drum is somewhat harder to maintain.. Read Replace. Brake pads are relatively much easier to replace than the shoes and if I remember correctly with fewer parts.

I do have the idea that with claw/disc the blocks wear out faster than shoes, but I don’t know for sure.

So I guess:

-Claw/discs do not connect heat and can be cooled more easily

-By position of discs they have more space to effectively create more brake material.

-Fewer parts

-Maintenance is easier

But maybe I’m sitting next to it and it’s about centrifugal forces.. Grip forces on either side of 1 opject..

I can’t make any more of it.

Greeting Wout.

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