What are the 3 best features of your partner and which of those 3 traits would you prefer to have yourself?

It is not to be underestimated to what extent I sometimes want to know what it feels like to have patience.I am then again, I admit, far too impatient: when I would notice outside at the bakery that inside of those ladies and heertihes about every pastry wants something wetel, I prefer to walk five kilometers to wait patiently. I know: Political correctness! But I suffer from that.

My girlfriend is such a go-getter that she would even work ill.I miss that regularly: the meaning to continue, especially when what I do not interest me. By the way, no one should go ill: you make yourself more sicker and possible to spread among colleagues.

The latter I say to initiate the third trait: it never seems to annoy others, while I am rather someone who can quickly irritate themselves to others.And that goes from my tremendous irritation to ruinness and condescending behavior, to my irritation trauma from education, en. To the colleagues it can not let to play always and everywhere the teacher. A knowledge that runs a supermarket, says that he can often pick them up by the way they walk the store inside. His suspicion is usually confirmed by the fact that the customer begins to make remarks about the furnishing of his shop. What he considers to be most frequent among such customers is that they first ask for information about a product and immediately come between in the explanations by Betno he says to call into question to propose a possible better answer.

I don’t want to be anything other than myself.My partner has properties that I don’t have and vice versa, so together we have a lot of good qualities in the house. We also know exactly what our strengths and weaknesses are and divide everything in that way. Why would you do something you don’t easily go off (unless you want to learn it) while the other one is shaking it out of the sleeve?

My husband is just a child in terms of goodness.It took him a lot of time to accept that people do not always have the right thing or that they only think of themselves. Things he couldn’t imagine. Naief and too sweet to say so. Also do not want to know a bit because he wanted to avoid disappointment.
But secretly he knew it already.

And that is my second point; He also dares to admit that.He just dares to say ‘ So, wow! I really had a completely different picture of that situation. I don’t even understand how I got there! ‘

My third point: he likes (almost) everything I do and if this is not so he just says it.So easy (especially for someone like me-mild form of autism-social and stimuli is quite complicated for me anyway). For that reason I really consider him a friend as well. Not (only) because he is very sweet to me, but also that he dares me to point out my behavior. For me, that is the intention that shows that he has the best for me. It’s not always nice to hear that I’m doing something that doesn’t fall well, but so I get the chance to work myself. With him I can be completely myself. By how he gives me space, I have also taught him and others to give space. By and for him I have become a better version of myself and I still grow.

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