What are some unusual but powerful habits that contribute to a better life success?

Think more about yourself, during your conversations and message exchange with others.You don’t have to give anything.

Just go on conversations that matter, the rest cap you off with a ‘ Jaja ‘.

Do not give you more won; You win.And tell them about third parties.

These are 7 habits that cost you only 5 to 10 minutes per day and that contribute to more success in your life.

Whatever pressure we have, we can all use some time to improve ourselves.

However, some people soon feel overwhelmed when they start an interesting book or an extensive course.

Others had intended to be more sports and noticed a few weeks later that nothing has come of the house.

Whatever good intentions we had, there’s just not enough drive to carry out the huge tasks we’ve imposed ourselves on.

Therefore, it is often a much better idea to just very small tasks that help you in the course of time.

Because such small goals become habits and habits become second nature.Before you know it, you have improved yourself with nothing more than a few minutes per day.

Many experts recommend taking ten to fifteen minutes daily to improve yourself or your life.

This can take any form.Below you can find seven suggestions that you might find useful, or at least help you think of your own ideas.

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1.Learn or read something new

Learning something new every day is a great goal, and very easy to do.Newsletters, podcasts, websites and groups are ready to provide you with knowledge.

Tip: I also love services like Those Of Getabstract: A library of more than 15,000 summaries of the best non-fiction books, which you can read or listen to on a dozen minutes.This way I read the essence of 7 books per week!

2.Take a mini-sport break

Did you know that you can burn a few hundred calories in just ten minutes?There are mini workouts on the internet (like from Sparkpeople) to find that help you to do it.

But taking these active breaks has many more benefits.They help you to keep yourself healthy, increase your energy, support your sleep cycle, relieve stress and tension and improve your mood, all in just ten to fifteen minutes a day.


One of the best things you can do for yourself is just slow down and breathe.That’s essentially what meditation is: the chance to soothe your mind, concentrate on your breathing, and find the peace in yourself.

Take a few minutes and meditate every time you feel stressed, or as a regular routine in the morning.

Tip: If you like a guided meditation, Try Headspace or Calm (both in app form).In Dutch There is the MindfulnessMentor app.

4.Speak with a friend or acquaintance

Much of our communication has become dependent on technology that hides us behind a computer screen.Instead, take ten minutes to speak face to face or over the phone.

Connect to who you’re fond of and make it a priority.Not only do you feel great afterwards, but it will also reinforce your relationship with that person.

5.Write what you think

I don’t mean a professional article, just write something for yourself, whether it’s shared or private. Talk about something you’re passionate about, something you enjoy.

Write a letter that you never want to send, to read back later.Write a poem or a story. Write about what bothers you, or what makes you laugh. Just write something.

6.Go for a Walk

Sometimes a little fresh air is all you really need to improve your day.Walking once every day, even a little bit, can help to purify your mind and eliminate stress.

It gives you the chance to organize your thoughts, or solve a problem.What’s more, it’s just a pleasant activity that doesn’t charge your body (for most of them anyway). Try to use one of your breaks at work for a short walk, and see what difference it makes.

7.Spacious on

Only ten minutes per day can make a lot of difference in a room, whatever space it is. Even if it is disastrous today, clearing up in small pieces will have effect in the coming days.It will improve your mood.

Bonustip: Do something you love to do

Ultimately, it comes down to doing something you love.Whatever it is, it might be the best way to self improvement. Even if it is only ten to fifteen minutes per day.

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