What are some tips for grooming a bunny?

Rabbits are social animals.A single bunny will be lonely.

Wild rabbits live in groups together and find shelter in caves.Because the wild rabbit’s tame rabbit descendent, companionship is one of the first requirements in keeping these animals. It is clear to a single rabbit that it is less active and more of a human being. As soon as a rabbit has companionship, the activity increases and they will be more concerned with each other than with humans.

The putting together of rabbits never gives so many problems in practice as long as there is enough space available and good sexe-combinations are made.


For the putting together of animals it is important that no boy be born.There are already very many homeless rabbits dumped in the wild.

Taking into account the nature of rabbits and the possibility of castrating male rabbits, the following combinations can be made:

  • Two or more feeders
  • Two or more sisters from the same litter or two young nutristers (6-12 weeks) goes very well
  • A mature nurse with a young nurse (6-10 weeks) has a good chance of succeeding
  • Two or more adult nutriters can give problems due to territory behavior; Space is a required
  • A cashed ram with a nurse
  • A number of fermented rams with a number of nutristers (ratio 1:1)


The best and most enjoyable combination is a cashed ram with a nurse.The probability of success is 99%!

A castrated RAM can only be placed in a nurse for a month after the neuter because the sperm is still very fertile and so the surgical wound has been able to heal well.

Ensure a spacious housing (for two rabbits at least two square meters: 1 x 2 m) with the possibility that the animals can avoid each other.

If the loft has just been cleaned it is preferable so that the space is as free as possible from territory smells.

Do not let the acquaintance take place in the Nachthok or the cage but in a large run or in the room or corridor (neutral terrain is preferred).Start with this at the beginning of the day so that there’s all day time to quietly see if it goes well.

Only take the animals apart if the blood is actually fought.Even if there is a lot of a succession, it is better to let them go their way; After all, the next day, the exact same thing would happen again. Do not intervene until wounds are dropped.

If it really doesn’t go, the courage doesn’t have to be given up yet.An alternative is, for example, to house the new animal separately and put it next to the other cage or in the run so that they can see and smell each other. Try putting it together then after several days one more time where it should start to run around occasionally. Do not think after a few hours that it is already going well; Do not connect them too quickly together in one loft.

Never put two rams together!Even though the Rams are being caded; They will go on the fist. Sometimes two caded brothers can continue to find it very well, but this is more exception than rule.

Don’t just put a new rabbit in an existing group; It will not be accepted.Fighting until death is not exceptional.

For the forming of a group of rabbits, it is wise to first make separate couples of nurture + ram and then put them together in an unknown terrain.

The starting point for putting together rabbits is ultimately that the animals have companionship to each other and incite each other to activity.This is their natural need.

A well-used bunch is lying against each other all day, washes and licks each other (mainly the head and ears).Only then can the difference be seen well with a single rabbit: The Rabbits are not usually recognized.

However, before it is so far, a lot of struggle is often fought.It can be a disappointment for man because the first time it can look like the rabbits don’t like it at all. It can be quite violently going to the case where the rabbits do not take apart as long as they do not fight rollebollend with injuries. Disrupting the process does not make any sense.

In an unfamiliar terrain, the problems will be the least.In The well-known field of the minister, this will defend her territory properly. The RAM on the other hand is much more hospitable in its own territory.

The RAM has only one goal: he wants to mate with the feed star.The waitress is not usually served here and will try to dodge the RAM. It also quite often happens that the nurse wants to be on top of the ram and the sex of the animals is unjustifiably doubting. The couple’s behaviour is rather violently present the first few days but will eventually decline. One bunch continues to do it with bouts, with the other bunch the behavior will rarely be seen.

Sometimes there can be such a panic that, if it is not reduced after a few hours, it is more sensible to house both rabbits separately, next to each other, and then act as described in the basic conditions.

During the dogging, it is often seen that the animals are curious about each other and as soon as the feeding star leaves the ram his course (the hormones vultures in spite of the castration often so by his body that he even sits on top of her head!) is the largest Struggle usually fought.

The first days to weeks a huge power game starts: Then the one may not be in the loft, then the other may not.The same goes for eating, drinking and walking in the way of each other. Ultimately, it dissolves itself.

Many nutriters get Nestel behavior: they pluck hairs from their tummy and make it a complete litter.However, there is no question of pregnancy; Apparently also here the hormones work by the presence of the RAM. If the nestel behavior persists for a number of days, the litter can be removed without any problems during the cleaning of the loft.

In the end, every day there is a change in the behaviour of the rabbits and they will find each other increasingly.They go against each other, wash each other: if that happens, then they have found each other!

Sometimes it is love at first glance and the animals are already together after a few hours, sometimes it takes more time.Usually the habituation takes about two to three weeks. In exceptional cases it may take longer, especially when animals are used in phases.

If a bunch of one of the two dies, the remaining rabbit can get into a decent dip.

Pay attention to whether the animal keeps on eating and looking for a new partner!

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