What are some things that every entrepreneur should know, nobody teaches you about starting a new business?

There is nothing you can learn from anyone

But the most important thing for me, and what is overlooked, is that your mindset is an important prerequisite for success.

The way you think determines your posture, and therefore your actions and as a result your results.

Some people naturally have a mindset that serves them in their entrepreneurship, others learn it gradually from practice or thanks to a coach or mentor.

It is good to realise that there is not so much a good or wrong mindset, but that your way of thinking is either serving or not serving your (entrepreneurial) goals.

Some topics to consider yourself what your deepest beliefs are:

  • Does your business revolve around you or your customer?
  • How do you go about when you encounter rejection, disbelief or even opposition time and again?
  • What is your thinking and acting when you encounter a problem?
  • What do you feel when you sell?

What are your deepest beliefs about this?

  • What are you deeply afraid of inside?
  • How do you recognize it when it is at issue? And how do you cope with this?

    In addition, it is a challenge for many entrepreneurs to deal with their time.

    Productivity can be an issue if there is suddenly no one to whom you need to be accountable.

    On the other hand, balance is a known problem.You are naturally driven when you are just starting out, but usually there is also a home or private life that needs attention. If it is not for them, it is not for them to go under.

    Many starting entrepreneurs who started from a job come to this sooner or later.

    Finally, I would also like to mention your ability to work in a structured way and/or implement processes and systems .Now you don’t have to be able to do this by yourself if you have someone in your team who does this for you.

    As a small self-employed person you may still get away with it if you have little structure, but if you have the ambition to grow and/or sell your business more than it would be good to entrust your business processes to the paper as early as possible.

    Marketing & Sales
    Two topics that you can learn from anywhere, but where some entrepreneurs think about starting a business too lightly, are marketing and sales.

    Have a good idea or a nice product is not enough.

    Ultimately, it’s about whether you know how to put it in the market in a good way.

    What is your business model?How do you position yourself? What is your target audience? How do you reach them? What is your message?

    And how do you sell?Is sales something that you are constantly working on? Do you work with a plan? With targets? Do you have the sales skills needed? Or do you have someone in your team who has that and you know how to control it?

    Whatever you turn, your ability to sell determines to a large extent the success of your business.Without sales no turnover. No business without turnover.

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