What are some things that can be done to prolong the lifespan of a laptop? From my experience with the use of documents it slows down after only 3 years.

Four things!

  1. Most laptops are delivered with only 4 GB of memory.

This is too little. Upgrade to 8GB.

  • Most laptops have a cheap mechanical hard drive.
  • This is a bottle neck. Replace it with an SSD.

  • If you then have an SSD storage, reinstall Windows (not copy from the old HDD).
  • Windows has a flaw that any customization (adding or removing software and security updates) leads to an ever-increasing registration file that causes Windows to become slower.

  • If you still have the laptop open (expansion memory and SSD), clean the cooling as well.
  • Over time, this accumulates a lot of dust, so the processor is not cooled properly. In the imminent overheating, the processor automatically switches back to a slower speed.

    This will cost you about $80-$120 for the SSD, $20-$40 for the extra 4GB of memory and a few hours.Really hard is not it, just look on YouTube. When replacing the memory and the SSD DO pay attention with static electricity. Preferably use a grounded wristband, but with caution (while you get the SSD out of the antistatic packaging and have it in hand, FIRST touch the chassis of the laptop with the other hand) you can often work safely enough.

    When there is no Windows license sticker on the PC, it is useful to first look up the license key of the old hard drive.Just Googling or YouTube’en.

    Although the answer from Robert Ilbrink is fine and not a word wrong, it is not the answer to the question of what to do if the laptop is going to work too slow after a few years.
    There are a few reasons why this happens with Windows.One reason Robert has already mentioned, and that is the dein-learning of programs that allow a lot of data to be left in the registration file by the deleted programs.
    In order to clean up a Windows system, only two utilities need to be downloaded that can easily refurbish this incident.
    1.Malwarebyte is a good and free malware and virus cleaners: Malwarebytes Download-free virusscan & virus Protection Tool

    2.CCleaner is the program to free the Windows installation of unnecessary “garbage”. The free version is completely sufficient to take the broom through it: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleane…

    If you want to keep his computer in top condition automatically, you have to dock.I personally use System Mechanic from Iolo. Unfortunately no free version available anymore. The program has many sub-programs with lots of “tools”. I think it is worth the yearly subscription:
    Download System Checkup

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