What are some things that an autistic person can do that are fascinating?

The question is difficult to answer: for who is what is fascinating?Do I now have to enumerate some things/’ ‘ Some things ‘ ‘ which-for example-I do those for the ‘ ‘ most people ‘ ‘ or at least the people who, for example, have made it interesting or fascinating in the business world? That being said, I can mention a few things that may meet the criterion.

  • A sport that someone can do well.

I can cycle well, race a lot and if someone for cycling or another sport has enough talent and perseverance and gets room (mainly train and prepare alongside or instead of school, study or work), it may be interesting to have a To pursue top sport career, given good individual guidance this is to be attainable also for an autist.

  • To write.
  • I write a lot: for study, purely to oppose thoughts, to convey a message, to express myself (sometimes instead of speaking or as a good addition to what you are hard to say) and if you can spend it, it can just be for a certain Audience are ‘ fascinating ‘.

  • Have an expertise and carry out.
  • For example, if I can say what I know about language (for example, the technical/theoretical aspect of language or a scientific view on the practice of language and the reflection-of language-on communication) or about philobaning (search for links and Finding, logical reasoning, argumentation, objectivity-subjectivity, reflection on the theory and Practice of life), this can also be interesting for a public/target group and perhaps it provides a new insight, that one is ‘ fascinating ‘ Could call it.

  • Hard work.
  • In some professions, it may also be interesting for a company to have someone or several people who are highly motivated, productive in carrying out the work and have a lot of perseverance in the task. If that is also combined with precision/’ ‘ Eye for detail ‘ ‘, these autists can be useful for jobs from crane operator to computer programmer.

  • Can have something good or have a talent in general.
  • It seems to be fascinating if someone can quickly learn to master, many languages can be relatively easy to teach or to teach themselves physics-or another subject as ‘ self-taught ‘-, this is regularly present in autists.

    I do not know if this is the answer that was sought: it must be ‘ some things ‘ that an autist can happen to be considered ‘ fascinating ‘, regardless of its usefulness or specifically the ‘ fascinating things ‘ that can contribute to society or Business or-otherwise-the personal development or widening of a particular target group?I have as one individual (diagnosed with autism/ASD) but a limited practical experience with what is all potentially fascinating for all sorts of people, so keep in mind that these are just ‘ some things ‘ that can be fascinating, although I do have my Have done best to invent things that an autist can realistically and which are potentially fascinating.

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