What are some old sayings/morals that you think they need to change or that just shouldn’t be said anymore?

Most old spells carry a lot of wisdom, because they originate from an accumulation of experiences.However, there is a minority of old statements that need to be stopped because they are no longer relevant in today’s context.

  1. You have to go to college and get a diploma.

This theorem was true in the past when schools were built to produce workers during the Industrial Revolution.

As we fast-forward to today, you see that what the world really needs is those who can think freely and want to make the world a better place with their knowledge, rather than being a replica of someone else.

This is why this old theorem is invalid because it was built in the past on an archaic system.

That said, if you still want to follow a university degree, go on.It is my personal opinion that study is not a guarantee of success.

2.’ Sweating does not do much, beating a lot more ‘.

The first iteration of this saying came from an old English child rhyme in 1862.”Sticks and stones break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

The rhyme was originally used as a lesson for young people not to physically reciprobe against bullies who abused them verbally and maintain their composure.

However, In today’s modern context, the emergence of the internet and the prevalence of young people on social media continues cyber bullying; This has led to many unfortunate cases of psychological trauma and suicide cases among our children in the current generation.

Looking at the statistics, on average 55 percent of the suicides among young people in 2007-2008 were related to cyber bullying.

The unfortunate case of Miss Amanda Todd, the Canadian 15-year-old student who was deprived herself of life after being the victim of cyber bullying, further illustrates the inherent problem of cyberbullying in today’s society among our youth. Worldwide.

So, as seen, if the power of the words me “can never hurt”, because it costs people’s lives, I can not imagine what hitting with sticks and throwing with stones will actually do with a man.

Summary This is what I feel, the old sayings and sayings that we must say goodbye to.By reminding our youth that there is only one road to success and that ignoring direct verbal threats will only hinder the growth of our young people.

Instead, I believe that we should encourage them to remain honest with themselves and their feelings, so that they can remain faithful to themselves and express their opinions.

Source: Tan Yun Hong, English Quora.Translated and adapted from admiration by me.

I hope it helps!

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