What are some of the lesser known traits of Narcisten?

I always had the idea that narcissists are brallous people who constantly carry the highest word and excessively fill the space in the room.How wrong was that idea! Now, after years of narcissistic abuse, I realize that most people totally have no idea what a person with a narcissistic disorder really is and that you even have different types of narcissists. A hidden narcissist will never recognize most people as such unless you are in an intimate relationship with such a person. To the outside world, it can be fun-filled, clever charismatic people who quickly establish contacts and are successful. In An intimate relationship it is a different story. They mirror you to the ideal partner and you actually feel that you have finally found your soulmate. A narcissist bombard you in the beginning with love statements, gifts etc. A trait of a narcissist is thus manipulation. This can be consciously but also unconscious behavior. Sometimes the narcissist himself has also found the idea of love. Eventually, cracks are created in that mask because a real emotional connection cannot enter them. They are damaged and everything is aimed to preserve the self-image what they have created. Shame is a big issue for them and a feeling what they avoid at all costs. This always revolves around power and control in the relationship. And to put the blame on the partner for everything. They are projecting. The more you try and hope to build a tyre and solve problems, the more emotional abuse there is by gas lighten, stonewalling, victim play, crossing boundaries, silent treatments, Jekyll and Hide behavior, sweet/mean behavior, sex or love Expres Remember, cheating (not all narcissists go strange though), bad talk about the partner behind the back to etc. Many terms of abuse are found on the Internet. This is a pattern of a narcissist that will eventually experience all the ‘ victims ‘. It is enormously damaging, victims often suffer years after the relationship is over. Often, at the end of the relationship, you see the true narcissist pass and never really cared about you.

So lesser known properties?Narcisten can be as different as ‘ normal healthy ‘ people, but the pattern of abuse and the cause behind them is always the same.

Who knows what a narcissist is?

What are the 鈧?虄bekende Properties???I believe that the overlargest portion of the population does not even know 鈧?虄the well-known propers of a narcissist. Just like I didn’t know at all, or I didn’t have to deal with this misery at all.

That’s why I write here on Quora.Hoping that the general knowledge about what a narcissist is and the traits to make it more famous. Hopefully so there are some people I can keep up with this ever. Almost all other people, (including myself before I had one in my life), confuse the word narcissist with the word narcissist that is abused by anyone who is angry with an ex, because he turned out to be an unpleasant person.

What are great 鈧?虄red Flags :

-Love Bomben

-Everything you want

-Say to be as you are

-Things fall out of the mouth, especially when watching TV (or other relaxed moments) that are totally different than that he said he was

-Know no boundaries with what he can sit on.You come back from the toilet, and he has the settings on your tel changes

-All personal information and data he will swipe from you behind your back. If you lie asleep and dream about his unconditional love for you.

-He will try to make you agree to filming during the intimacy.Because you think you are 鈧?虄soulmates with him, and you will always stay together you would be able to vote for it. But even if you do not agree, he does it, without your knowledge. For his own collection, or as a guarantee for when you find out who he is, and you want to tell it to everyone he knows.

-My ex was covert narcissist, some content that even his family had no idea he was.And also my ex man who knew him from high school had no idea. Nobody knows that. Even many ex partners do not know. Because he likes to totally hide it. And gladly Al Zn ex-and hold on as a sex partner. Most of them have no idea how many people go to bed weekly.

-Every narcissist who can, goes to bed as many people as possible

-they have different phones to not be discovered.Those can also be changed, so that SMS and with some people are not to be found.

-they cannot resist if the world knows who they are.Great feeling of shame

-They stand in the middle of the night to move things into your home.And doing things disappear. To post back sometimes later. Or another place. A form of gas lights. To give you the feeling that something is wrong with you.

During the relationship, if you think that everything is great, they are already sitting at you to make certain people black.This is for when you find out who they are. So that they are more inclined to believe the story. Since he said that even when everything seemed super.

He has 鈧?虄flying Monkeys who know who he is, or in any case they know a lot.They never know anything. Who help him keep his story that he is about you, his lies about you, strength. They will also actively help to protect him and his reputation and to destroy yours.

If your food goes weird, or weird trial, don’t be surprised that he has done something in your food or to give you the feeling that you are going mad, or that he tried to poison you.

He also has no problem making sure that you come into trouble with the law.To hide Drugs in your car and then call the police and pass a 鈧?虄tip .

And the list can still be made pieces longer.

All in all, someone you really never want to have in your life.

Unfortunately if you don’t recognize these signs early on, you have no option to see it in his eyes when you get to know him.

Because his eyes look totally innocent and trustworthy and sweet.

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