What are some hard realities of life?

You can work hard every day and end up empty-handed.Hard work is necessary for success, but it does not guarantee it. Sometimes you can do everything right, and still end up empty-handed.

Life is particularly inexcusable.Take driving, for example. You can be the perfect driver for years, and then make one mistake, and you are dead. Even if you are not dead, you will be addressed to the accident, and not to the many times you drove well. Mistakes weigh much heavier than successes. As Warren Buffett (and many others too) said: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. “

Life is fundamentally ‘ unfair ‘.We like to believe in a ‘ just Earth ‘ theory, in which everyone ultimately gets ‘ his deserved wages ‘, but it is just that some very cruel people have had a very good life without ever being punished, while people who have nothing wrong every Have known hunger and sickness day. Of course you can work on a better world, but the idea that the world would have some sort of inherent honesty is not true.

These are 5 hard realities of life.

Your life is what you make of it, and the only one that can help you is yourself.

Are you ready to improve your life and take responsibility? Start by seeing these five hard realities of life today.

1.Life will never be perfect

Are you waiting for the ‘ right ‘ moment to do something -starting your own business, starting out with sports, meeting new people and dating, or moving -then you will continue to wait.

There is never a ‘ right ‘ moment to do anything. This reaction is linked to our fear of change.Keeping waiting for the right moment just means that you never have to take action and face your fear.

So go for it and do that for which you are afraid. You will be so glad you did!


No one is going to make you better

If you are hoping for the Prince on the White horse who will make your life completely happy, then you can continue to hope.The only person who can help you is your self.

Be happy for the others in your life, but don’t make your happiness dependent on others.This way you get to an emotional rollercoaster about which you have no control.

Are you all alone? No, of course not.But you are responsible for your own life. Take that responsibility, and you will achieve more than you ever held possible.

3.Being busy is not the same thing as achieving something

Are you also eager to multitask? Stop doing so, because you love to fool yourself.By constantly switching between tasks you waste your productivity, get stressed and make mistakes faster. You may also be doing more about two tasks that you always alternate than when you first finished one and then the other.

In order to save time, you better not do multitasking, but plan similar tasks in succession.Provide a moment to send all mails and finish your payments at once. Focus on one task at a time. This way you can finish each task well, rather than doing a lot of tasks half-heartedly.

4.You may fail. More than once.

When you have set a new goal, it is best possible that you will fail on the go.That’s what it’s all about. So change your idea about failure: It’s not a terrible monster to be afraid of.

Failure is a learning moment, and nothing more.When successful people would have stopped pursuing their goals after they failed the first time, there would be zero successful people.

The next time something fails, first take a while away from it.Worrying about it doesn’t make it any better. After that, you can look at the problem with a fresh look and ask yourself: Why has this failed and what can I do better next time? The bigger your goal, the more you might have to do this. But keep on trying especially. Because continuous improvement leads to success.

5.You have more time than you think

Eliminate the phrase “I don’t have time forthat,” because that’s not right.

Every week counts 168 hours, which is quite a bit.

Where does all that time go? The average Belgian/Dutch spends almost 4 hours a day on free time.Most of it, about 2 hours, is going to watch TV. That same time you can also devote yourself to being creative, reading books that help improve your life, or moving for a healthier body.

The next time you do so, “I don’t have time Forthat”, say: “That’snot a priority“.

No time to exercise?Your condition is not a priority.
No time to cook healthy meals?Your health is not a priority. No time to do something attentive to your loved one? Your relationship is not a priority.

That sounds harsh, but it’s true.How you spend your time is your own choice, so choose wisely.

When you want to take on the challenge of taking responsibility for your life and building your dream life, I invite you to apply these five hard realities to improve your life today.

The reality is often harder than the dream of life, there is no utopia.

Many people will undress you if they have the opportunity to do so, including within your family

The all you need Is love generation graaiet the hardest, people are winding their own shortcomings off on others or blaming others for their own failure

In theory, a woman in a bikini can safely be on the street at night, we all know that is not sensible

The driving is given priority, money is status, not what one does

Every one goes dead, there is no hereafter, but it is only what you will be talking about by those who want power over you in the present life

But…. Tomorrow the Sun is coming up again and ask me what the nicer things are

As has been said by Ben Baert, everything can run on wheels for years and crash in a second through an accident, a lack of concentration.Sometimes your friends or relatives can do an awful lot of harm while they are absolutely well-intentioned… “No that’s not a girl for you”… ” No search but another job “etc… Years later you realize that you have followed the “good advice” and that it was in fact not your inner desire and that you have unfortunately crossed a turning point. . that you can no longer run back…

That it is not infinite. Far from it.

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