What are some examples of companies that are easy to start and can quickly generate profits?

With trade you can earn a lot of money.

Trade in used cars.Especially if you are handy and they can refurbish well.

So also with houses.Trade in houses. You buy a construction trap, it picks up and sells it again. You need a lot of money.

I know someone who started his career with renting out garage boxes.

You can end up in the antiques trade with attic spings.You have to be seized.

The main thing is that you are doing what you like.If you only want to work for the money, you can go into the money trade. Furthermore, money is not so important, it is only a tool.

If I knew that I was now stony…:-)

Starting a new business often starts with a good idea.You have to do good market research and build social contacts to see what is playing and how much interest there is. To see where one needs and respond to them.

A nephew of mine plays in a football club and noted that many sportswear had to be washed again and again after each match.Often they have a small budget, or members themselves are turning the wax. All quite a lot of hassle and he saw a hole in the market. He rented a small space, installed some washing machines and bought a small van and now offers his services as laundry for sports clubs. He then picks up the dirty laundry weekly at the clubs, does the laundry and then brings it back clean again. And that for a small fee. And that is currently running reasonably, although there is some competition.

Similarly with other companies.You have to look for what is needed and then jump into it. Preferably in something that you yourself like to do. But you also have to sell your services especially!

For instance, I like to make landscapes of plaster and cast resin, but my sales talent is absent.Nice to do but I can’t sell it so that’s not convenient.

So if you don’t have sales qualities you better find a normal job…

Number of questions

  1. What do you define as simple.. Within an afternoon without explicit knowledge?

With knowledge and experience but in an easily scalable way?

  • What is fast… A company has traditionally needed three years to run break for a while and 5 years to be well profitable.
  • 1 or 2 in 10 companies takes it so far.. If you make a profit within a year… Are you fast. Or are you looking for fast money? There it is useful to see where you can achieve easy profit margins.. Here again, handedness knowledge and experience are factors of interest.

  • Turnover -Cost = profit.. If profit > 0 then your goal is theoretically reached.
  • I also understand that you are not meant to, but the amount you wish to hold is also important here again.

    Standards/values/ethics/legality/working pressure etc.And I do not consider any consequences in this reply, but these are also factors.

    All in all, nice question!

    Such companies do not exist.If they existed, everyone would start such a business. Then there would be a huge competition, so there is no dry bread to earn. Entrepreneurship is always 100 percent commitment, ten hours a day working and that is not yet a guarantee of success. You need a special talent for it.



    That’s not really a helping qualification.

    “Can” is not what companies do.Make a company that only buys state lottery tickets. It can make a very quick profit.

    What you are looking for with a company is profitability against a certain risk profile.

    Do not specify a risk profile (“may”) leads to unsensible decision-making.

    If we can conclude that a company is a unit that makes a profit, apart from how big or how small it is, then companies that can start very small, say one man, and on that scale can do all that is necessary to make a profit.

    Happened everywhere and a lot.Someone has a capacity, a skill, acquired and sells its application to other companies, for example. This can be in accounting, mechanical engineering, electronics, organization, computer programming, etc.

    Everything he needs to make customers is his ability, a room at home as an office, a telephone with answering machine, a computer, a table and a chair.And then his initiative, mind, Audacity, cleverness, and so on.

    Expand or not can then completely according to your own idea and at your own pace.

    Can’t get better if your “craftsman” is somehow.

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