What are not too expensive yet tasteful meals for a single student on a limited budget?

I love Tortillapizzas.You buy wraps, tomato sauce and cheese. For the rest you throw on the wraps all your VAB over the past week to vegetables and meat and you stop the Wrap 7 a 8 from in the over at 180 degrees

Tasteful is obviously very subjective.

First idea.

Look at what is priced at the grocery store and do something with it.

Second.. Tarka Dhal.There are thousands of variations on this but this is a good one to develop your own taste. Dry herbs is an investment, but your local Turk makes it reasonably affordable. A Guide to lentils & basic Tarka dhal recipe | Features | Jamie Oliver | Jamie Oliver

Third.. Learn to make a risotto.Basic risotto is relatively simple and you can then cash them from eg. mushrooms, peas or even things like rocketlettuce.

If you have a steamer, all the vegetables taste great and it is still extra healthy too.You can prepare them together with potatoes. Roast your meat separately. Fish can be boiled in the steamer.

Soups are cheap to make themselves and in large portions that you can do for two days.

Chicken breast is often in large quantities to store for little, often at foreign shops.Make some potatoes, vegetables of your choice and done!

Salads!The choice is giant and it doesn’t have to cost anything if you make them yourself! And you can also enjoy it for two days!

Look for the cheaper meats in the shops, there is always something discounted; This also makes for variation!

Rice variations, rice does not cost a turd, if you also have a rice steamer it still takes no effort too.Add these chicken breasts and you are still healthy too!

Stamppots, one-time investment in a bag of potato, which you can take for weeks on your own; A bag of vegetables that you want to process in your potatoes (so-called type of stew), smoked sausage, ready!

Lace & made Lasagne!1x in the week is to do as a stud.

My student meal: toasted sandwiches, you can pimp up as you like them!You can even throw chicken breast and pineapple in between.

Scavenger shops for bargains, products where the expiry date around the corner stast are often discounted; Rest assured, stores need to put a date on it, almost every product goes unfolded for days after the expiry date.

Good luck!And healthy food huh;)

Rice pasta get is a Turkish pizza bread I eat a lot of Vega because that cheap is you paid less a jar of beans and a can of mixed vegetable.Or flicker a chop vegetable bag at some rice. Those pockets are 2 still something. You had Mexican and Italian I think there was also another curry version. My secret weapon to make everything delicious that 90 cents pesto at de Dirk. If you are lazy use your home delivery for 9 EU you have a fry roti chicken from the Tandoori Express. The latter only goes on when you live in Amsterdam. Sometimes just eat some less so instead of 3 meals you eat two. The majority does not have a fuck so better you make sure you have a decent breakfast and a little hefty lunch. Then a little apple or something else chocolate or something.

I used to work a lot next to my study and then especially in the evening hours.This had the consequence that I would like to have something hot on the table within 10 minutes.

My main friends were my fridge freezer, frying pan and saucepan.

In the frying pan: potato slices from the freezer.Those were 99ct or so at the time. I did so occasionally croqumies or fries but slices just managed the best quality.

In a salad bowl (or whatever I had on hand-cooking pot, deep plate) a bag of mixed lettuce (also 99ct) and salad sauce over it.Often that salad sauce mayo was out of a pot (again Zo n 99ct pot) and then some water to make it thinner. If I fancy wanted to do a bag of crudit茅s through it, and if I had time, tomato, cucumber, peppers or olives (from a jar), pesto.

Meat was then a thingy: chicken snitzels, fish sticks, fish burgers, that kind of work.If it was chilled meat then often from Zo N great packaging that I wrapped home and invroor (I still do), and deep frozen then often out of the offer but only fish (although there is also good frozen steak etc). Short and good: often also a piece of meat for around 99ct.

Final standings: Often I had a nutritious meal for around the two euros (because groceries could take you longer).

Incidentally: I changed this with pasta.There I cooked four servings of or so (with 500gram minced meat) and then I warm up later on. Pasta also freezes very well. Same with Nasi. That’s what I ate with ready-made sat脙 漏 from the freezer and sambal goreng beans.

If I was doing fresh then especially the vegetables and then especially whole iceberg lettuce (because good shelf life), bushes of broccoli (dito) and two to four white loin (two per serving), besides tomato and cucumber, and 鈧?娄 cheap.

My favorite is still: stew with mashed potatoes from a packet and carrots behind glass.Sliced onion there, bacon,… that with smoked sausage.


I once looked for the Gein what it would be for you now via Appie (as a supermarket not the cheapest!!) would cost to basic products (apart from butter, frying fat, salt, pepper,…)

  • AH potato Slices (600g): ‘ 卢 1.29 (about two portions);
  • AH iceberg lettuce (sliced) (200g): ‘ 卢 1,-
  • AH Rauwkost Radice Mix (150g): ‘ 卢 1,49
  • Of vineyards Zaanse Mayonnaise (650g): ‘ 卢 1,64
  • AH Crunchy Chicken Snitzel (500g), four pieces: ‘ 卢 5.25 (but ID bonus fixed cheaper)
  • AH Basic Macaroni (500g): ‘ 卢 0,49 (but pasta just look good where ID listing and what kind you do, next to the brand)
  • AH minced beef (500g): ‘ 卢 3.49 (and also here, half to half or pig is cheaper, and in addition MSS the Islamic butcher also besides qualitatively and environmentbla, large packaging can care euro);
  • AH Basic Pasta Sauce (520g): ‘ 卢 0.99;
  • AH mashed Potatoes 8×2 pieces: ‘ 卢 1.99;
  • AH Basic Roottjes (680g): ‘ 卢 0.89;
  • AH Juicy Gelderse Smoked Sausage (250g): ‘ 卢 0.97;


  1. I really think you should manage it with two to three euros per hot meal for the basic Main ingredients.
  2. Have checked the prices at AH on 30/3/19 and it should be absolutely possible to get them in the offer and/or at the competitor cheaper.
  3. If you would try my potato-lettuce-Kipsnitzel combi via Albert Heijn and after experiment you would discard all your purchases it would cost you ‘ 卢 1.29 + 1 + 1.49 + 1.64 + 5.25 or ‘ 卢 10.67.

Da s two times a pizza-pick up yourself. (Incidentally also a favorite of mine, next to freezer Meuk.) Anyway, not exactly a big risk, I really want to say.

  • Think of many products: iceberg lettuce = iceberg lettuce, mashed potatoes = mashed potatoes, and carrots = carrots, and so you can choose the cheapest for this.
  • For other products such as pasta, you may be best picky but if the difference between mayonnaise and fries sauce does not matter you so much (and there is big difference) and you often still process it again (in your egg salad, through the lettuce, on your sandwich…) Why also there Not looking which suits you best?

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    Tips from Flip: If you would ask me from my experience in retail and supermarket orphans for cheap food, then those would be:

    1. Look around well (VRS stores), always check the price per kilo and decide if you are better off by storing bulk; Don’t be afraid of a Chinese grocery store (cheap spices!) or the market;
    2. Make sure you have enough freezer space; You will be amazed by what you can freeze: from fruit to cheese.

    Example: Choosing a large package of mushrooms instead of a small package saves almost 25% on the extra cost.If you are cutting anyway you can just as well chop and freeze your surplus. This is a kind of recipe on which you can invent many, if not, many variations.Even better is to buy a slow cooker (in the Lidl Shop for ‘ 卢 20 If I have it right)

    1 part potatoes, rice, macaroni etc.(e.g. 1 kg)

    1 part vegetables of your choice

    1/2 part meat or fish (e.g. ham, salami, Viennese sausages, minced meat, chicken, steak)

    1/4 Part Ground cheese

    Boil or steam the potatoes and vegetables

    Roast the meat if necessary

    Mix everything together and add spices of your choice (I use a mixture of 1 part nutmeg, 1 part black pepper, 1 part turmeric, 1 part salt)

    Play with ingredients, but also with proportions.I regularly leave the cheese away for example. Sometimes I puree the potatoes, sometimes not, sometimes I make fried potatoes from

    At the beginning I had some 80% failure and 20% success, but not so much later that 20% failure and 80% have become success.It is therefore important to bite the sour apple. Now almost everything I make is successful.

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    If the store in your area has a 30% discount policy for food products that are approaching the end date, you buy it and you will be processing that same day.Is a brilliant saving that I use regularly.

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    After the walk-in period, always make three portions with one time.E脙 漏 N to Eat Now, 脙 漏 脙 漏 N for in the Frigo for the day after tomorrow and 脙 漏 脙 漏 n for in the freezer for next month or so.

    If you can buy a pressure cooker (Zon Euro or 60) you can quickly prepare a pea soup for a few days.

    Or a jar of Spanish lentils: 200g dry lentils, 1 winterpeness, 1 parsnip, little celery (piece of tuber, leaf or plain celery, does not matter), leek, water, salt a possibly a little olive oil and smoked paprika.Put it on the fire and as soon as it comes to steam turn the heat on low and let it boil for 9 minutes. Then wait a while until it is safe to open the pan and voila.

    The ingredients are all optional except the lentils and the leek (and the water).


    With the link above, you can live out.:-)

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