A rotating solar system scaled down to fit in your home or office. MOVA spheres use ambient light and the earth‘s magnetic field to continuously rotate themselves – no batteries or cables required. They even rotate in the palm of your hand.

So how does a Mova Globe work?

The rotation of a Mova Globe is powered by magnetism and a photoelectric mechanism, which is very bright. There are actually two spheres. The outer one is an acrylic shell, inside of which a second sphere floats in liquid. This inner sphere is covered with a graphic design like earth‘s landmasses and water.

Secondly, why isn’t my Mova Sphere spinning?

I’m trying a location with something weaker Light , since less Earth’s magnetic field strength is needed to stabilize your MOVA globe at a slower rotation speed. The dimmer the light, the slower your MOVA ball will spin. Sometimes a globe will have trouble starting in an environment with a weak magnetic field.

Then how long do Mova globes last?

Our MOVA globes are designed and manufactured to last . All of our products are hand assembled with confidence. We currently offer a one-year limited warranty. As with most high-end kinetic and technical products, one year is long enough for potential defects to occur to still be covered under warranty.

How much do Mova Globes cost?

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What does Mova stand for?

Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance

Can the globe be rotated become?

Earth rotation is the rotation of planet Earth around its own axis. The earth rotates once every 24 hours or so with respect to the sun, but once every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds with respect to other, distant stars (see below). The Earth’s rotation slows slightly over time; therefore, a day was shorter in the past.

How long does it take for the earth to make a full revolution?

23 hours and 56 minutes

What is a Mova Globe?

MOVA Globe rotates without batteries or cables and uses a unique technology. Each globe has a transparent outer shell that stays stationary while an inner shell spins with advanced magnets for torque and solar cells to power the movement.