What are, except stocks/bonds etc. Good investment opportunities with an amount of 5,000-10,000 euros?

Maybe an unexpected answer, but I would initially start investing in yourself.You can achieve the most return by making sure you can either earn a higher salary, or you can generate something that you are good at earning alongside your regular work or study.

Incidentally, if you have debts, you must first redeem them.The interest you pay on debts almost never outweighs what you can earn with the money.

I’ve had a lot of blogs and a Ramit Sethi course, which focuses on how you can earn more money from countless angles.He works very systematically and approaches everything from psychology: from your client/employer but especially to yourself. More information can be found on his website Freelancing, Consulting & Hustling It is quite American but I also think it is excellent to apply here in the Netherlands, and I also look back regularly, for example, with cold calling or Negotiate.

If the English language is a threshold, I would recommend that you really start with it!There are plenty of apps and online courses that you can quickly learn from.

An option that is more in the investment sphere is crowdfunding.I have never done it myself, but I think it is a very sympathetic system. You are already funding intitiatives from 100 euros. There are many different platforms, for example, I came across this overview: Top10 investing Crowdfunding.

This is, of course, just like investing in shares, not without risk.

Incidentally, it is quite nice to invest in shares, for example 1000 euros.I own some shares through Binckbank and it is just very instructive to do that myself and to know what is going on.For example, select 5 companies that appeal to you, buy for 200 euros per company and then go and follow what happens. Read the news (that you get through Binckbank of your shares), try to understand why the quotes go up and down. And do not sell evenly when it goes down. You really have to take a few years time. And of course you can get a lot of bad luck and (almost) lose everything. But then you have learnt a lot for 1000 euros about business and the economy.

Finally, you could see if you can do something with your living space.Airbnb is not very popular for nothing. Perhaps with a small renovation, or an investment in a beautiful interior, you can rent a room from your house via Zo N platform or if B & B are going to operate. That can be very nice too, because you meet new people who are also on holiday, so relaxed and interested in your city. Suppose you invest 3000 euros to make a small bathroom and a nice bed, nice curtains and the like. And you could ask 100 euros per night, then you have that after 30 nights out already and after that it is pure earning. That means you have to rent out 15 weekends. You really don’t have your house out for something like that, a good spare room is already enough.

If you want to know if you are interested in your area, go search the Internet as if you are the tourist who wants to stay in your own city.

Three ideas and yet those shares are also mentioned.Success with your investment, but remember that you only do this kind of thing if you really have the money as extra, don’t do this with money that you actually need for something else over a year. You have to have the time to sit out the bad moments and wait for better times before you can turn your investment back into money. A year is a real shortage for this.

And finally, some people are just lucky enough to invest in things that others are losing.I sincerely wish you this happiness!

I would commit directly to Forex, but in it is in biased.

Capital gains

  1. Gold/Silver: Hiddensecretsofmoney + GoldMoney
  2. Crypto CURRENCIES: Erik Voorhees.

Coinbase, Bitvavo, Binance,..

C Ash Flow

  1. Real estate/Land developing countries maybe through a fund?
  2. Energy and Tech sector, but then you are mainly back on shares

Of bonds, I would remain completely in view of the real inflation arrow.

Which crypto?Who the f ^ ck knows, gambling that there is a good between! DLT, blockchain, hash, I would all study it well. Most people are not yet aware of what role DLT is going to play over the next few decades, just as in the time Internet started. The possibilities are huge and are going to open new markets (such as Internet computers, Smartphones, Google, online shopping (Amazon), social media,… has opened.

Maybe Forest land is a possibility.Tax advantages, small yield by caps of some trees. Increase in the value of the ground. You will not be rich, but it has already been proven that it will yield you more like a savings account, for example.

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